Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Doppelgänger Frann Arrives at Doll House!

Hi Doll Friends!

Look who arrived in mail yesterday!! It's the doll I have chosen as my doppelgänger doll for my beautiful friend and reader Frann!

 It was kids second to last day at school and so I had a busy evening with them and only got a chance to take a few photos... 

Isn't she beautiful! Can't wait to take proper photos!! I found her on Amazon!

I hope the weather is nice today so after work I can take Frann and Heather out in the sunshine for some good photos!

Till next time!


  1. Oh! Heather,
    You found a very pretty girl as my doppleganger. I like her. If Heather doll goes out, I hope that you will take me doll with you. Even though we live far way, time difference 10 hours, I feel we are very close.
    Internet has changed our lives totally.
    It is hard for me to see my neighbor next to my apartment once a month, but I can see you so many times even a day.
    You don't have to hurry for our hobbies.
    Let's enjoy them taking times.
    Thank you for my doppleganger doll.

    1. Hi hi hi!
      I've emailed you since this comment but wanted to sa here that I am so stoked you like her!! I actually took Frann and Heather dolls out with me today but didn't find a good place for photos... Oh well, better luck next time! Chat soon!