Sunday, May 1, 2016

TY "Beany Doll" Clothes For 14" HeartForHearts Dolls! And Thrift ShopAdventures!

Hi Doll Friends!

Frann and Heather dolls went with me shopping the other day! Here they are in the car.

At a thrift store I found a whole bag of doll clothes made for Ty Beanie Boppers Dolls. In case you've never heard of them they looked like this:

The bag was pretty full and only $5. They looked like they might be right size for HeartForHeart dolls... So I bought it and brought it home...

They totally fit!! Here are a few dolls right after I tried them on!

Here are some of the girls wearing the clothes... Except the middle, she is wearing her original outfit. Aren't the clothes perfect! I love the little shorts! It's so hard to find clothes for HeartForHeart dolls so it was a fun discovery!

I also found a couple other bits at Thrift store:

A couple of chairs... I have a lot of doll chairs but I have a lot of dolls! So never too many really since I can use them to display dolls sitting down too...

Plus for $2 a chair how could I not?!

I also found a horse for the dolls! I went back and forth at store about buying it... Storage is always something I try and think of too cos horses are big! But obviously I decided to go ahead and buy it. Isn't it neat? It's made by "My Life As" from Walmart. It was marked $9.99 but I got it on discount... Looking forward to getting girls dressed up for horse adventures! 

I left this table and chairs at the thrift store even though I LOVED it... It was only $9.99 but I ran into the storage problem again... Having a bit of regret but too late now. But see? I can sometimes pass up doll stuff at thrift stores! Haha!

I also saw these funny dolls... And only took photo. I almost bought them for their outfits but then decided against it.

I also passed on this interesting doll made out of wood... Another bit of regret because she is neat and unusual. I can't own ALL the dolls though right? Here is her stand markings:

Maybe she won't sell at the $8 and I'll get her on markdowns...?

Also left this cute doll closet at the store... It's cute but I have a huge doll closet that is stuffed and this would just be decoration and take a lot of room... 

But it was cute!

This one was hard to leave... I've had a business model about dolls in my head a long time... (I'd share but then you'd have my business model! LOL) Anyway, the business involves these chairs. It was only $2 but again, storage. So I left it. Ouch!! Haha. But I decided, when and if I do my business, I will want them all uniform and will just have to buy them new then. Again, I tell you about them though to illustrate how you can find Dolly items at thrift stores all the time if you just look! 

Till next time!

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