Monday, May 30, 2016

Our Generation Sadie Doll Thrift Shop Find!

Hi Doll Friends!!

I love Our Generation Dolls. However, buying new ones can't happen anymore because they are sold at Target. *


I don't shop at Target anymore because... Well that's another post for an entirely different sort of blog. 

So... Secondary market will be my only source for Our Generation dolls for the foreseeable future. 

After church yesterday I stopped at Goodwill to have a look-see... Who do I see in the "distribution cart" (the stuff fresh from the back just coming out on floor to sell) but this little lady:

Our Generation Sadie! Her hair is a bit of a mess... But I'll fix that. So nice she has much of her original outfit on!! 

Here are stock photos of her as she looks new:

I also went to the thrift store across street from that Goodwill and l found these cute little coasters... Naturally in the doll house they will be plates or maybe even plate chargers for fancy meals!

I have enough for eight dolls! LOL So pretty!

Well, I got Sadies hair brushed out but she still needs a shampoo so I am gonna go do that... 

Till next time!

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