Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Photos For Frann With Aloha From The Doll House!

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!

The weather was nice today! My mood seems to have finally cleared as well... So strange how weather and mood disorders can be similar. While you're in the storm, it's hard to imagine the sun again and when it clears, it's hard to recall why the storm made you so fearful... Either way, so glad to be sunny on all fronts!

I worked for much of the day but took off about four in hopes of having enough good light to finally capture some outside photos! I've wanted to try my hand at "outdoor" doll photos for a long time...! I've done a few on the porch of our house as you may recall but have wanted to try photos in "real" greenery and with more interesting backgrounds outside. Alas, weather in good ol' Nebraska can be a tricky obstacle to outdoor photos! Haha. 

Determined, was I, to get some photos outside of the breathtaking items Frann sent me from across the ocean! I just get a little smile when I think of the magic of mail and the Internet combined. What a neat world we now live in that I can become friends with someone so far away and feel such a kinship. I've already begun to plan for some items to make the return voyage to her!  

I still want to do a more proper "look" at the clothes she sent. Frann says Goofy makes all manner of clothing for both dolls and people as well at teaching others to sew! So I want to pay respects to her amazing craftsmanship! Not to mention the adorable bags Frann sent.... Oh so many things to talk about but I must go feed the kids! The demands of motherhood! Haha. Kidding! My daughter is actually so sweet and helped keep the puppy busy while I was out in back yard taking these photos! So it looks like this might be a three part blog! For now though, here are my very first "nature" photos with the dolls!

Till next time!

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  1. Lovely dolls!! I am proud of outfits as you like them. As I told you several times, you must have magic hands. However carefully I take pictures, my pictures are not good. You are a good stylist and photographer. Good job!!