Sunday, May 1, 2016

Our Generation Doll Thrift Store Rescue

Hi Doll Friends!

As I've mentioned, it's the busiest time of the year at my job from now until August or so... Makes it harder to find time for doll projects! Never fear though, I have plenty in the works, I am just going a bit slower than I do when I am snowed into the house! 

Not to mention; we got a puppy!! She just came home yesterday. So sweet but as per usual when a baby of any sort is in the house, it's a bit more work until they know the way the house works. Haha. One big lesson will be to stay away from the dolls! Puppies and dolls don't mix!

Here is the "before" of a project doll I started this week... I found her at Thrift shoppe for $1.99!

Poor thing has been through quite a lot in her little dolly life I guess!

Never fear! I've got her hair looking better already... Just need to wash it and hot water dunk her and I'll be back with "after" photos in next post!!

Till next time!

**Update May 31, 2016: You can see her 'after' photos here.

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