Monday, July 18, 2016

Flea Market Doll Finds! Vintage Battat Doll and Mini AG!

Hi Doll Friends!

Yesterday after church I ran by the flea market. One of the vendors has a toy booth...

I got great deals on fantastic finds!

I got all these vintage Battat shoes! The pointy toed dress shoes are unlike any I've ever even seen before! The colors are all great too, I don't have any of these shades of blue and pink and this is only pair of yellow DocMartin type shoes I've ever even seen! Fun!!!

I got all these doll clothes... She sells doll clothes out of a big bin for 50cents an item. The little flowered pants are American girl doll... Made for bitty babies but they work for 18" dolls too. The panties are AG too... Otherwise it's OG or BuildABear clothes or off brand. Cute though, all of them!

I got this actual AG mini Julie for $5!

Then this little gal... I have a few Battat dolls with the 1998 face sculpt that came as blonde and red heads. Both have been changed to boy dolls because I think the sculpt is good as a boy face. Both my others have blue eyes. So when I saw this one, I thought, immediately, "brown eyed boy!". Not to mench she had on an amazing dress! 

However, after I finally got her home and looked her over, something surprised me! All the other 1998 Battat dolls I've found have had (really crappy hard to remove) wigs. Not so with this little gal! She has rooted hair! She also had pink and purple extensions in her hair... I assumed added by the little girl who owned her before... 

As I went to remove them so I could give her hair a proper brushing, I realized they must've come on the doll?! 

See the white fastener? Factory direct apparently! So this little lady was basically in "fresh out of the box" shape! So her hair is staying put and she is to stay a girl...

Her name will be Becky after a life long friend who also has fabulous hair. 

Here she is in one of the dresses I got. It's a "What a Doll" outfit. That means it is likely a duplicate of a real little girl outfit and came as a set so a girl could dress the same as her doll. I have a few of the same sort of outfit from when my daughter was still in love with her AG doll and they will always be cherished outfits! They are made really well and are very fashion forward! I brushed out her hair and braided it. She looks so pretty!

Flea Markets are so much fun! You never know what you're going to find!

Better run!
Till next time!

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