Friday, July 15, 2016

Heather Gets Ready For Anniversary Photos!

Hi Doll Friends!!

This year marks my husband and my 25th Wedding Anniversary! We got married right out of high school... I was 18 and he was 19. We've had a wonderful crazy fun marriage with bumps along the way that come with life. We have grown closer together thru all of them and he is my best friend! So I mentioned wanting to buy a wedding dress for Heather doll on my blog a while ago...

My wonderful reader and now cherished friend noticed my post and had a beautiful custom made wedding dress made for Heather doll! Will always be one of the kindest gestures I've ever been the recipient of! So... I bought Josh doll a tux and set about planning the "wedding day".

Here we have Heather getting ready with L and D, who are doppelgänger dolls for my cherished MotherInLove and my real life daughter. When I showed the photo to my daughter she said "Mom it's impossible for me to have been at your wedding!" And I told her "In doll world anything is possible and also, it's a party for my anniversary and so naturally you would be there!" Teehee.

Putting on the beautiful veil!

So exciting!

Heather almost cried when Frann dropped in! "Isn't it beautiful!! Thanks so much for my beautiful dress Frann!!" 

Frann had to go get changed for the party but wanted to give Heather a hug. How sweet! I am so glad to have become friends! The Internet can be so cool! 

Till next time!!

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