Sunday, July 24, 2016

Makeovers! A Box Of eBay Dolls Get Makeovers!

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!!

As you may have noticed, what with all the re-wigging of dolls lately and all, fixing up dolls who've been mistreated is one of my favorite things to do... 

Normally I find my "makeover" dolls at thrift stores or garage sales... On eBay, even a doll with a "price" of 99cents is going to cost around $10 to ship. When you can get a brand new doll for around $25, it's kind of hard to spend about half that for a doll in bad shape.

However... When you buy a "lot" of dolls, it can make more sense. Including shipping, I paid about $8.50 each for these dolls. That's a tiny bit more than I generally like to pay at thrift stores but... 

One of the dolls was a Disney 18inch and I've wanted one for a long time... She cleaned up really nice!

Her hair was a mess and she was pretty dirty when she arrived.

One of the other dolls was a TollyTot. TollyTot dolls sadly aren't made anymore... But they are lovely. My very first 18inch doll was, in fact, a TollyTot my daughter had gotten at a Garage Sale but never played with. She became my "fit model" and so will always be a favorite doll. 

I already have a blonde TollyTot that looks almost like this ones twin... Only difference is this one has bangs. So, it had to happen... I wanted a TollyTot to be the next doll I sent to my friend Frann and this one was perfect! Another twin doll!

There was also an OG that is one I was looking for. My daughter has wanted a "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" doll for a while and this one is a dead ringer. So she will be Buffy. 

The only doll I didn't know much about was this one. You may not believe this but she was so horribly designed and her hair was such a trainwreck, she went right into the Goodwill box. Her hair kind of "fell apart" when you touched it... Very weird. Her body couldn't pose and her face sculpt wasn't really to my taste enough to consider a body swap... So, see? I don't have to own ALL the dolls. LOL

They turned out great!! Buffy is lovely... Took a lot of brushing and cleaning but I love her! Need to get her more "Buffy" like outfit and some wood stakes. Haha.

The Disney doll turned out fantastic!! Isn't she pretty??

And the TollyTot cleaned up really nicely too...!

In case you were counting... Yes, there is one more doll I didn't mention from the doll lot. She was a 1998 Battat with hair that was not salvageable at all. So, as was my plan when I bought the lot, she was going to be used for a body transplant for a doll who's face sculpt I adore but who's body is subpar in its not being able to pose or look nice in clothes. So stay tuned for another body transplant post soon!

Till next time!


  1. You had a good deal and I am excited to have one of them. I have washed a 18inch doll recently, which is not a easy job. The most dolls I have are Disney Princesses and their eyes are just paiting. 18 inch dolls, however, have open and close eyes and I got to know why you cover their eyes whasing their hair. Getting them dressed is also hard job. So I appreciate your efforts to make me happy.

    1. Just realized I didn't answer your comment my lovely friend! Just had to say Hi and I am go glad of our friendship!