Saturday, July 16, 2016

Mystery 18Inch TAK MAY Creative Designs Intl LTD Doll

Hi Doll Friends,

This draft has been in my drafts for so long I'd forgotten it was here... But the photos are uploaded, I might as well write it up, eh? I found this TAK MAY Doll a long time ago, before we started our move... I kind of tucked her into a box and forgot I'd even found her (As I recall, I bought her as much for her outfit as for her...) I loved her sweet face but her strangely put together shoulders were, well, not conducive to making her look right in clothes etc... Still, so pretty. So in a box she went for the better part of a year... 

Then, recently, I found another doll just like her only with brown hair and brown eyes. Just as pretty face... But again with the strange shoulders. So, when I got on a doll body transplant kick both this doll and the newer one got new bodies...

If it were not for her weird shoulders, she was actually made rather well...

Her legs were kind of 'standard 18inch doll' in the way they were made... So I don't know why they didn't make her shoulders more standard. Probably why she is so rare, no one liked the way they made her body....?

See? There is the outfit she came in... The panties were 'actual American Girl' doll panties... Them alone would probably be worth what I paid for her I bet.

As you can see, she is marked TAK MAY and some numbers on the back of her neck...

But then her body is labeled with "Creative Designs Intl LTD" I've dug into both Google and eBay history and I can't seem to find another doll like either of these? That's a rare thing, let me tell you... So, now that I've customized them, they are even more rare! 

As you can see, when I got her, I photographed the 'flaws' she came with... Little did I know, at the time, I'd be giving her a entirely new doll body. 

She did the 'splits sit' that many dolls do....

See why I wasn't fond of her shoulders? She just coulnd't look really nice in clothes that showed them... Looks like a foot ball player or something. So I am so glad I finally found her in the basement again and that I was able to give her (and the new one like her) new life with a new body that can look good in clothes! Isn't 'Dolling" fun??

Till Next Time!

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  1. Hi Heather. I was so intrigued by your story above, I had to write and tell you I recently also found a doll just like your doll and mine also has brown hair and brown eyes. I agree the face is pretty and she has the strange shoulders too :) When I originally started researching I believed I had an American Girl doll and then I read your blog...thanks for the info. She has the same Tak May etched on the back of her neck and a serial number too. Maybe I'll write to the address on her tag and see if I get a response. Take care and glad you shared!!!