Saturday, July 16, 2016

Inexpensive American Girl Doll Clothes Hanger Options

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!

It's a problem for anyone with a lot of doll clothes... Doll hangers and where to find enough for your doll clothes without spending more on the hangers than you did on the doll clothes! You wouldn't think this would be a problem but once you look into it, you realize that cheap pre-made doll hangers are expensive! Who would've thought?

I am never one to resign myself to status quo so I tried a couple of options... The first, more expensive one, was to order some of the most economical doll hangers on the internet as far as I could tell. They were $13.99 for 24 hangers from Dori's Doll Boutique on Amazon. (It looks like price has dropped a smidge since I bought mine) Figured I would try them first to see if they were worth the money...

Well, they are rather nice... Only problem? The hook part of the hanger is too small for standard closet rod! Oy!! That's the size of the rod in my doll closet and so these hangers weren't going to work for that at all... I actually planned to mail them back to Amazon but ended up using them for my 14" and slim-line doll clothes in a different 'closet' later... (Yes, I have too many doll clothes)

As you can see, I bought them from Amazon last December. I just found this Blog Draft in July2016, forgot I had started it and not finished it... Hazard, that! Especially when you walk around with like 100 different doll projects in your head at any given moment. You forget which ideas have made it out of your mind, into photos and then into the blog. So... Better late than never, right? Haha!

I also ordered Sophia's doll hanger and brush set from Amazon. I love love love Sophia's doll items, always so top notch... The hangers are lovely... I don't think I'll order more now that I have figured out the cheapest option but if you don't want to make hangers, they are a great one to choose. You get 10 in the set along with the doll hair brush and a top-notch pair of doll panties and socks. not bad, all in all... However, with as many doll clothes as I have, that wasn't cheap enough! Enter Pinterest... I found a wonderful tutorial about how to make doll hangers from cheap dollar store hangers there! She mentions sanding down the hangers after you cut them but the pair of 'snips' my technician husband has in his tool box cuts them pretty cleanly and so I don't really need to sand mine...

Here are a bunch after they've been cut...

 And my rather full doll closet looking spiffy with all of the clothes hanging so nicely! I love it! Can you imagine how much it would've cost me if I'd have bought only the pre-made kind of hangers? Crazy! So glad I found a better option.

Well, that's it for now doll friends!
Till next time!

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