Thursday, October 27, 2016

Dolls Go Trick Or Treating!!

Hello Doll Friends!!

I've wanted to get some Trick or Treating photos of the dolls but by nighttime I am usually too tired or lazy to go out and do it... However, I wake up early (4am most days) and this morning after yoga I looked out and it was all foggy and quiet and peaceful and I thought "Halloween Photos!!" So I went and grabbed the dolls I had in costumes and headed out at 5am this morning. These are some of the best shots.

I know they are dark but they are just like most TrickOrTreat photos I have of my real kids... the last one is why there isn't much with flash... yes, that's Nebraska drizzle and fog. I didn't even see it until the flash kept catching it... but it's also pretty authentic cos most of my kids halloweens are just like that weather wise. 🎃 It was a lot of fun.

I live close-by to downtown and so I decided the dolls would head that way for their trick ot treating adventure. Businessess always give great candy!

I just thought they looked so cute in their costumes!

They were pretty excited about all the free candy! Haha!

This was FrannDolls first time Trick Or Treating! She and HeatherDoll naturally had to have Twinsies Costumes!! 

Everyone had so much fun!

They didn't stay out too long because they wanted to get back to the Halloween Party at the Doll House but all agreed that it just wouldn't be Halloween without at least a little bit of Trick or Treating, right? 

Taking these photos was so much fun I've already decided the dolls will need to go Christmas Caroling at Christmast time!! We will see if I am actually bold enough to head out into the snow and ice when the time comes! Haha!

The photos were a bit on the grainy side but I think that makes them look a bit more 'spooky' and realistic. How fun!

See the drizzle and fog?? It's kind of neat looking! 

Of course I had to have a couple of black and white photos... Cos they are so cool!

That's it for now Doll Friends!! You'll have to take your own dollies out for some Trick Or Treating if you get a chance! I bet they'd even get some real candy in their buckets... Speaking of candy, if you need some for your dollies Halloween, I made some doll candy out of inexpensive Dollar Tree items and think they'll work out just swell... 

Till Next Time!


PS You may have noticed I didn't include Angela (the pumpkin costume) in the photo of the girls heading into downtown... Well, I couldn't get her to stand up without a doll stand and, well, as you can see, it's not the best look from behind... LOL She said she understood. It's an unwritten rule amoungst girls not to post unflattering photos of one another, right? 

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