Thursday, October 27, 2016

Inexpensive American Girl Doll Lollipop DIY From Dollar Tree Items!

Hi Doll Friends,

Being as it is nearly Halloween, I've been a bit obsessed with figuring out how to make some doll sized candies. So I've been keeping my eyes open as I am out and about for "doll sized candy" sized items... With that in mind, the other day I went to The Dollar Tree. 

What did I find but some party favors and cupcake picks in the Baby Shower section that I thought would make perfect doll sized lollipops and suckers!

So I brought them home thinking I'd paint them with craft paint... But as I looked at the paint colors in my craft paint box I thought "I wish I had something brighter and more 'candy' colored" Then it hit me! Nail Polish!!

I have always loved nail polish... I generally buy the 'cheapy' kind at the Dollar Tree because as far as I can tell, they are not a whole lot different than the more expensive brands. I mean, when you can get five colors for the same price as one 'more expensive' brand of nail polish and still get great colors, I don't see any need to pay more. I digress... Back to the doll talk! I had some fun colors on hand already that I started with... I thought it made sense to color each different color of 'baby rattle' a different 'flavor'. 

Then I bought these three colors at the Dollar General the next morning... I love how bright they are and I think they really do look like doll sized suckers. When I took these photos a few of them were only about half done because, just like when you paint your fingernails, the trick to making them look nice was several coats of polish. You may be able to tell that the blue lollipops are a bit lightly colored and they look much darker now that I have them fully painted. I was just so excited to come show ya'll the idea in case you also need candy for your doll Halloween party or trick or treat bags. Maybe you'll have time to get them done before the big day next Monday! I also put a clear coat of polish over all of them after I was all done painting on a few coats. Even so, you'll want to always be careful with any brightly colored doll craft around doll 'skin' just to be on the safe side... I have learned the hard way about color or ink transfer on doll skin when you leave something on them or in their hand for a long period of time. I hadn't even considered issuing a caution until a member of a doll group I am in on Facebook brought it up because they'd had something 'polished' stain a doll in the past. So I just wanted to be sure and pass that caution along. 

I think they look so cute! I plan to pick up another box of the 'rattles' the next time I am at Dollar Tree because it'd be fun to have more 'flavors' and even after Halloween, I'll need goodies for the sweet shoppe and such... Right? So... I hope you have fun making your dollies somes candy! If you try it out, I'd love to see photos!!

Till next time!!

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