Saturday, October 15, 2016

Vintage Doll Sized Play Food eBay Find and Technical Difficulties!

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!!

You may have already read this posting in a more 'raw' version... I've been having numerous technical issues with the Blogger App on my phone ever since I upgraded it. Let me tell you, I generally put off upgrades until my phone basically tells me "If you don't upgrade me I will spontaniously combust in five, four, three, two...." because of this very thing. I am a very fast processor when it comes to data entry and typing once I get used to the 'spacing' on things (like the size of icons and where they are etc). So just the slightest alterations can really slow down my processing time... So annoying! Anyway, sorry for the 'tech rant'... I know the technology that allows me to write this blog at all is really amazing, like something out of a Sci-Fi film when I was a little girl so I will stop complaining now. Haha! But I wanted to explain why this was orignally poste d in a 'raw' form. I thought I'd hit 'Save as Draft' but apparently I must've hit 'publish'. Oops! I didn't realize it was published until I got a comment from Frann! So thanks for commenting Frann!

Ok... On to the doll stuff.....!

I'm not sure if y'all have ever heard of this type of vintage play food... Depending on how long you've read my blog, you might've seen it here before because the reason I have 'heard of it' is because I found some out thrifting once upon a time and I've loved it ever since.

So, I've had "vintage play food" as a standard search at eBay for a long time searching for more after finding it at the thrift store. Similar ones would come up sometimes  but always at more than I wanted to pay.

Till this one with a BuyItNow!! What's even better is they had a 'Make an Offer' button and I always do make an offer because my mother, having lived in Europe for over a decade, turned me into a 'barterer' and I find it kind of fun. So I offered $8.00 and they totally accepted!! SCORE!!

I love this stuff because it's super light weight plastic, like hollow, so each "serving" can stack into itself and save space in storage. This type of play food would only be good for kids that are careful with things because they could be "crushed" with rough play but fabulous for doll photos which is my thing...  I love the asparagus bundles, mac&cheese and baked potatoes best! I already had six of the baked beans and franks from thrift so I don't really need those... Unless I have a really big beans and franks party or something? Haha.

Aren't they adorable? A few of them had a bit of the paint rubbed off but I think they are from the 1950s or 1960s so considering that, they are in great shape! As you can see in the photo above, they are plain white on the inside of the plastic...

As you can see, they next together so well that I thought I'd only gotten three 'slices of cake' until I looked a bit more closely and there was the fourth piece nestled into one of the others! 

I just think they are perfect... A lot of people in my doll groups make doll food from clay and I've tried to make some but have discovered that clay is just a tiny bit too messy and free form for my tastes. Not to mention, you go in thinking it's going to be an inexpensive project and four kinds of clay and two ruined projects later you realize it's not for you. Or something... Haha. So pre-made doll sized food is definately more my thing!

I tried to take some up close photos so you can see the cute details..

Then, to show you how wonderful it is that they can stack for storage, I've put it all in this Tupperware sandwich box I am going to store it in... Takes hardly any space at all and the Tupperware box will keep it safe and sound. 

Speaking of the Tupperware sandwich box, I got it this last weekend at a garage sale for a $1.00! It's so cute! It has Hello Kitty on it! Fun! I got one with Cinderella on it as well... I bought them both specifically to store doll food! Haha.

There were several 'larger' food items too! 

A loaf of bread... 

A cake... (I think I might try and repaint this one because it looks a bit drab...)

A lobster!

And a turkey! Just in time for Thanksgiving next month! Fun!

So for the first 'meal' with the food, I decided on a menu of Ham slices, baked potatoes, asparagus bundles, Lobster, Mac&Cheese and cake for dessert. YummO! What a feast!

Isn't it just perfect? I love it!

So you'll have to keep your eyes open on eBay and at Thrift stores yourself and maybe you'll find some clever vintage play food to make a feast with your dollies too!

Till next time!


  1. Jist seeing them makes me full. Look like real food.

  2. Hi Frann!! Your comment made me realize this had been posted without being 'finished'... LOL So you'll have to give it a re-read now that I've written what I meant to! Love you to bits friend! Chat soon! XXOO

  3. Hi! Heather, Your new postings always make me happy. Don't worry about me missing something on your postings. Before I go to bed, I read and read your previous ones. For example, I remember the one that has your photo taken with a cashier at a thrift store. Do you remember what it is? hahaha. Good to see your blog getting more interesing and having more guests everyday. Thank you for awesome stories.

  4. I re-read the finished version. Much more vivid story. Stacking in the Tupperware is good and neat to you as well as foods.

  5. The food looks scrumptious; the dolls will always have a feast! I've never seen food like this before.

    1. I think it looks so realistic too! I think one of the most fun aspects of doll hobby is that there is such variety once you start looking! Fun!