Saturday, October 1, 2016

DIY Cookies From Buttons for 18Inch Dolls!

Greetings Doll Friends!

I have become obsessed with doll food lately... I also have a huge bucket of buttons because I sew and craft... So I started brainstorming "buttons and doll food? How could I use them?" Then it hit me! Cookies!

So I dug out my buttons and found some about correct size compared to the Our Generation 18inch doll cookies I already have and painted them with craft paint. First a coat of lights brown, then sploshed on darker brown and then really dark brown for chocolate chips. I wanted them more "durable" so after they dried overnight I painted them with two coats of clear nail polish. The holes in buttons, I painted them all as chocolate chips to hide them a bit... 

I like how they turned out! Not bad for a craft I did with "on hand" stuff! 

Then the smaller "cookies" are also buttons I painted with two browns. As you can see, I had cut them off a shirt to use in a future project...

 Now I am on a roll... Thinking "Hmm... what else can buttons be?" I plan to do more cookies I think and maybe some suckers or other candy? Also gonna start looking for buttons on kids clothes at thrift for cute buttons to make into cookies! 

This is them next to the Our Generation Cookie. Have to admit they don't look realistic at all next to that but.... I still like them. 

Once you have them on a doll sized cookie sheet or in a doll's hand though, they look reasonably like real cookies. 

This way, there is enough for more dolls!

Here is a view of kitchen from top... I think it's fun to take photos that way sometimes because you can see more of the details you otherwise miss because a doll is standing in the way. Don't mind the toes of one of the baby sibling dolls in the lower right hand side... Photo bomb!! Haha.

Of course I always have to do a bit of the black and white photos because they are so much fun... At least to me. 

You should try and make a some button cookies of your own! If you do, I would love to see them!! Better run... Have quite a few blog drafts sitting waiting to be written and am hoping to get a few of them publised today!

So... Till next time!!

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