Sunday, October 9, 2016

Heidi Ott Faithful Friends 18 Inch Doll Make-Over

Hi Doll Friends!!

Last year, I found a new in the box Heidi Ott Faithful Friends doll and was so thrilled because I find the face sculpts on them so beautiful. When I found her she had the dreadful wig that they came with... When they mass produced them for Target they were only priced at about $40.00, which, for a Heidi Ott Doll up until then was unheard of. The clothing they came with was absolutely top notch (some of best I've ever seen) and the face, hand and feet were all so well done... But the wigs? Rubbish!! So... I'd re-wigged her a while ago with a wig I recycled off a porcelain doll. However, I wasn't ever happy with it because it was a smidge too big... I knew I'd eventually change it again but it wasn't a high priority because...

The thing about the dolls is that even though their hand and feet sculpts were done so very well, the body design was not all that great. The shoulders are cloth and very wideset and the body is soft and not poseable at all really... So they don't stand all that well (without a stand or a wall to lean on) and can't really sit all that well either. So... The doll just sort of sat because of all these reasons. 

She was beautiful but lonely...

Fast forward to last week... I found another Our Generation Doll second hand at Goodwill.

I paid a tiny bit more than I usually do but I had the cash on me and new the doll would make a perfect one for a body transplant for my Heidi Ott doll!

Her hair was a mess but I didn't bother with it because I wasn't keeping her head on... 

Here they are before 'surgery'.

See why I wasn't totally fond of the wig... It was a bit too big and I couldn't get all the old glue off the front of the bangs... Trust me, it was, at the time, an improvement over the old wig but... Not my favorite.

So I've done a few body transplants before... I'll have to post a link to the 'procedure' when I can find it... Running out of time to write this blog this morning and want to get it posted before I get ready for church! LOL

But the photos will give you the gist of the procedure anyway...

This photo made me giggle... Is that terrible?

Mid way done... I'd taken off the Heidi Ott dolls wig by then...

New body attached!!

After surgery. I'll donate the OurGen/HeidiOtt Hybrid doll to the Goodwill... Maybe some other girl won't mind her somewhat unusual body? I was a bit bummed because naturally I liked the hands and feet themselves better on the original body but... The new one lets her stand so much better and look better in cute clothes. 

See what I mean??? SO. CUTE!

I am thrilled with how she came out. I think she may end up being one of my favorite dolls. I named her Karrie after a friend of mine that she, after her make-over, looks almost exactly like!

I just couldn't stop taking her photo! I love her. What do you think?

Gotta run or will be late to church!
Till next time!!

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  1. You are one brave woman. I can't remove doll parts. LOL She looks adorable.