Saturday, October 22, 2016

Thrift Store Kingstate Doll Makeover with Rainbow Wig!

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!!

My goodness, I am so behind on getting my drafts written! I may have said before but the way that I do my blog is I take photos with my phone and upload the photos into Blogger App but then do the writing from the computer. Suffice to say I've not been finding the time to make it to my computer in off work hours... So I am hoping to catch up with a few of the things I've recently uploaded into drafts to tell you about! The first one will be my recent thrift store doll find...

I got a Kingstate 18inch Doll with brown hair and brown eyes... Her hair was a fright!!

It was in such a mess that I knew I wouldn't even bother trying to fix it, I'd just give her all new hair... I have a bag of doll wigs at home that I've gotten on good deals on eBay or that I've purchased for other dolls and then not liked the way they looked on them or whatnot... So I pulled off her messy wig and started trying on others. 

Here she is as she arrived... Her dress is really cute and probably worth what I paid for her all by itself. 

See? She was only $1.99! I couldn't leave her at the store!! Right? 

The thing about Kingstate dolls is their heads are just a smidge smaller than other 18inch doll varieties... I had originally purchased this rainbow wig on eBay not knowing it'd be a bit too small for the 18inch doll I bought it for. I've tried it on a couple of smaller dolls and liked it but never well enough to glue it down. So, I tried it on this doll... And I love it!! I think she looks adorable!

The wig quality isn't as top-notch as some I've seen but it's a definate improvement over the wig she had when she arrived! She loves it too! She told me so. *winks-eye* 

I haven't decided what to name her yet... I'll take suggestions! I haven't glued on her wig yet but mainly because I think it looks so cute I haven't wanted to take it back off and also, it fits pretty well and unless I were going to let children play with her, I think it stays on pretty well on it's own. 

I hadn't even cleaned her up otherwise when I took these photos but just loved her look and had to take a picture. 

Stay tuned to upcoming blog posts for a group photo of her with the other Kingstate dolls I have in my collection. They really have a cute face mold and this one is totally different than the other three I have but I love her face mold as well or more than theirs... Dolls! Who would've ever guessed there is such a variety, huh? 

Till next time!


  1. She reminds me of a modern day Repunzel! She is very cute!

    1. Thanks!! Sorry I am just replying... I only get to answering comments when on the actual laptop and that doesn't happen as often as it should! :)