Thursday, January 11, 2018

Wooden Doll House for 18inch Dolls On Clearance At Sams Club!!

Hi Doll Friends!

Have I mentioned I am a member of several Doll Groups on Facebook? Well... I love them so much because I find such great ideas from them and it's so lovely to have Doll Friends who 'get it' about my loving dolls like I do. One tiny hazard of said Doll Groups? They keep you abreast of any great sale on dolly items!! Which is great in that you can save a lot of money but also dangerous because you find things you didn't even know you needed until they went on sale! Teeheehee... Case in point? 

This 18inch doll house that went on clearance for only $16.51 on Sams Club Online. Uh oh...

I couldnt' help it! I ordered it! I know it's a bit small but I think it will be so much fun for doll photos!

I think the door is the part I like the most! I plan to use the 'outside' part of the house as much or more as I do the inside... So it's supposed to be here next Tuesday! I'll come tell you all about it when it arrives!! How fun!

Better run!

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  1. Oh my goodness, that is just TOO CUTE!!!! Can't wait for photos.