Thursday, January 18, 2018

New My Life As Doll Reversable Backgrounds And Accessories!! Walmart In-Store Report!

Greetings And Salutations Doll Friends!!
Brace yourselves and your wallets my friends!! It's that time of year again... The time when Walmart starts to put out their new items from My Life As and clearance selling off last years new items!! There are so many fun new things this year!

Two of the really great new items, in my opinion, are the three tiered water fountain and the picnic table set. That water fountain is going to be hard to resist because it's so totally adorable. Look at the birds!?!

This Gardening Play Set is super cute and has quite a lot of fun stuff in it for $14.97! Love the yellow wellies!!

Here is the back of the box... Look at that little wagon?! So cute.

Then going on with the gardening theme, there is a Farmers Market play set... What a cute idea!! Not sure I need to buy this set since I have no less than three 'stands' from My Life As... I could make a farmers market with them so easily...!

Here is the back of that box. 

Here is the back of the water fountaing box. I apparently forgot to take a photo of it by itself but it's in the very first photo so you can see it in that one. 

Then I noticed quite a few new accessory sets. Uh oh.... Accessories from My Life As are a weakness of mine...! They are such a good deal! 

As you can see, the display had a few 'holes' in it... I imagine that empty basket is where the new shoes will go? Can't wait to see what new ones they release!

This one was really hard to walk away from because it's so adorable! It's a Beach Tote Play set and it has some really cute items in it...

From what I could tell, there is a pair of flip-flops, an inflatable beach ball, a water bottle, a pair of sunglasses, a shell, a bucket... Not sure if that is all. I should've just bought one to find out! What was I thinking? Hahaha. I am trying to be good!

This Flower Garden playset is cute enough but it's not my favorite of the new items and so I'll likely pass on it... 

Here is the back of that blister pack card. 

This set is pretty cute too! That flamingo floaty!! So adorable... 

And the back of that one... 

This one is likely favorite of the new blister packed accessory sets this year, at least that I've seen. It's an aquarium play set and it's adorable!! I have a little fish tank in the doll house that actually has water in it but I love the accessories that come with this and that it's free standing. This one is likely going to make it's way to the Doll House at some point. Teehee. 

And look, Angie is the model. I'll have to show her. She'll feel famous. 

This is a set that is exactly the same as last years other than the grill is now red instead of aqua... It's one of my favorite sets though and so I can see why the brought it back. 

Here is the only new doll I saw. I am silly... I should've thought to take a photo of the back of her box because they always show the whole doll line. Phooey. Next time!

These doll stands are new and seem well made and priced reasonably.

This camper is new!! I already have a camper I got at Goodwill so I don't need one but this one is pretty neat. It looks like one side opens all the way so you can play more easily inside the camper. Neat!

It comes with some cute accessories too but not nearly as many as the OG camper comes with as I recall...?

Now here is my favorite of the new items My Life As came out with this year. Reversable Doll Backgrounds!!! Awesomeness!! I love doll backgrounds as you well know because I love doll photography and backgrounds can really bring the photos to life! These are only $7.97 and there are four different reversable backgrounds I took photos of the labels on the backgrounds in the interest of time (I was almost late to church anyway because I got so lost in looking around!). The photos are not the greatest because of the glare in the plastic in a few but you'll get the gist of what they are and which are available. I can see myself, at one point or another, getting all four *grins* saying they don't sell out before I find the money in my Doll Mad Money budget. 

There is a doll bedroom...

A doll kitchen with a great door that looks outside in it.... 

A 'shoppes' one... 

A stage one (This one is my favorite, the reverse side is a beach! Perfect for Nanea!

Another beach scene but this one has a boardwalk with an amusement park in it too... Neat!

A camping scene... 

A classroom...

And a hair salon... 

I think they are great. There is only ONE thing I'd change about them...

I would've made them two or three inches taller. I understand why they didn't... They are already awkward enough on the shelf. I put the new dolly next to them so you can see what I mean. They are JUST tall enough. No mind... I will likely still buy a few (or all) of them because they'll work fine with the right camera angles but... Just my two cents. 

I felt like the Queen of Self Restraint when I saw these boy dolls on clearance for $13 and didn't buy one... But I have loads and loads of blonde boy dolls so.... I don't have one with green eyes yet though so... NO! I don't need more boy dolls! Tell me I don't! Ok? Hahaha. 

They also had a few of last years accessories sets on clearance...

This one is so cute... But I have three stands already and plants for the doll house are pretty easy to make

I already have an OG Lava lamp or I might've snatched this up... But the other items didn't tempt me too much and so I left them there. 

In the non-doll section I saw these adorable wooden spoons! I think they are meant to be measuring spoons but they'd make cute spoons for the doll house kitchen! 

Before I went by Walmart I went to Goodwill and didn't see much other than this Our Gen doll. I love love loved her hair!! But... Again... I have too many enough dolls! Right?! She was only $3.99 and a deluxe doll (has an armature in her so she can pose) and so I may regret not picking her up sometime if I need a doll body for a transplant but... I left there there. I wouldn't want to take her head off anyway because of that cute hairdo!

Better run! Have you seen any new items at Walmart that I didn't see and mention in this post? Let me know in comments!! 



  1. Oh, my goodness... that fountain! I love it! Is there "fake" water in it, or was that just for the picture? I'm going to have to look for that one on my next trip to Walmart!

  2. Wow! So many doll items fascinate me.

    1. ME TOO! LOL I love the doll backgrounds and caved and went and got two of them last Friday. They really are pretty and great for photos!

  3. I love the fountain too, and the FLAMINGO floaty.

  4. That tiered water fountain is now half off online - it's $10.88!

  5. how lovely!
    I love and collect 18 inches of dolls.
    Unfortunately in Russia you can rarely find something interesting!
    Maybe someone can help buy and mail?
    write to me please