Thursday, January 4, 2018

Style Girl Style Dreamers 14inch Doll Is Handycapable!

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!!

Recently I have been on a bit of a 14inch doll binge of sorts... When American Girl Doll released Wellie Wishers they discovered an apparently untapped market of 'little sister dolls' for American Girl Dolls. Well, many a doll manufacturer were happy to step in and help tap that market. God bless capitalism!! One of the companies that jumped on the band wagon was Style Girls with their new line of 14inch dolls named "Play Zone" 14" dolls. I bought one already a little while ago and even customized her... As I mentioned in the posts about her, I think these are pretty cute little dolls especially considering the price point. So... Mid-December I happened into Tuesday Morning to look for some more of my favorite coffee syrups and noticed they had a "20% off all toys" sale. Hmmm... It couldn't hurt to look and see what htey might have? Low and behold who did I find but this adorable sweetheart right here.

You may have noticed her in the tree trimming photos in fact... 

Here she is in her box. I think the outfit she comes in is so cute! Love the little cat motif. 

The back of the box... I've never seen Melanie ins stores or I might've bought her too... Oh lets get real, if I find them at the right price I'll probably cave in and buy both her and Charlie. Customizing Maisie was so much fun that dolls this inexpensive always scream 'New custom doll!" to me! Teehee. I've also noticed since I posted about them that the Big Lots variety of Style Girls 14inch dolls only has three in the line...? How strange that they should be different? Right? 

Side views of her box.

Close up of the information on the back of the box with regards to the company. 

So anyway, when I was posing her for the photos I kept having a really hard time getting her to stand up strait on her own. I didn't think much of it, some dolls are just less 'stand friendly' than others. Untill, that is, I took a closer look at her. Imagine my surprise when I realized that it was no wonder she couldnt' stand well... one of her legs was shorter than the other!? 

I tried to take a good photo to show you what I mean. See her right foot (your right, her left)? As you can see, her leg on that side is just a bit shorter than the other. 


I am really not sure how on earth it could've happened? I mean, the leg sculpt/mold can't have changed size? Sadly... I didn't notice it until a while after I'd opened her and had disposed of the box. I used to keep all my doll boxes but.... Well... When you get as many dolls as I have that becomes just one more storage dilemma in itself. So I called the store and explained what happened and was advised that, without the box, there isn't much they can do. The more I consider it though the more I think I'd probably keep her anyway. If I return her, I am sure she'll end up in the bin and it's not her fault she has a shorter leg?! So, I've decided to just embrace her individuality and make it part of her story.... She was born with a shorter leg. It happens. Right? 

I better run!

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