Thursday, January 4, 2018

Two New Custom Dolls! Makeovers for Duck House and Famosa Nancy Dolls!

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!

I customized two dolls this past weekend... I love how they came out!! 

Here they are with their new looks! I still need to glue on the wigs but I just had to come show you how cute they came out. 

This little fella started life as a Duck House girl doll but I think he makes a perfect boy!!

And this Famosa Nancy looks amazing with her new hair! I had two 'golden haired' Famosa's and decided I needed to re-think my collection and that dupes either had to go or be remade into a custom... I think it's amazing how they can look like totally different dolls!

Here are before photos of the Duck House doll. I've tried to find out more information about this brand of dolls... I found this blog post from Just Magic Dolls and this one from Doll Diaries... So fascinating how many different kinds of dolls there are, right?

One of her eyelashes had been ripped off and I have to admit I originally picked her up for her clothes in hopes that they'd fit my Famosa's... I love her little jeans!! She was marked $5.99 which is a bit mroe than I usually like to pay for dolls just for their doll clothes but when I looked at her little face, I suddenly saw a brother for my little sister dolls in the Doll House! So... It had to happen. Right?

Have you ever seen this manner of dolls? 

Better run!


  1. I actually have a ten inch little girl sort of like the Tonner Anne Estelle, but she is not the quality of Tonner dolls, of course. I believe I bought her at a doll show, new without a box, like leftover stock. I thought she was cute and not identical to AE, and very affordable for me.

    1. Hi D.H. Sorry, I missed answering somehow! Thanks for comment! I'd love to see a photo of her! :)