Friday, May 11, 2018

Worlds Smallest Fisherprice Toys For The Doll House!

Hi Doll Friends!

I've wanted to find a few of the 'Worlds Smallest' toys remakes of vintage Fisher Price toys for a while now... I've hoped to find them in some 25cent toy bin sometime but... So far, no luck. So I finally decided to see how much they went for on eBay. I wanted a few very specific ones and the one time I'd splurged and spent the ~$6.00 for a 'blind bag/box' at the store, I got a yo-yo. Blah. So I was happy to discover that there were loads of them available and while the ones I wanted were more in the $8 range I decided to splurge and buy a couple... Because I really needed them in my Doll House.

And... Oh. My. Cute! I bought the one's I wanted most, the Fisher Price Chatter Telephone and the Fisher Price Little People Bus. I had both of these in 'real' size when I was a kid (as I am sure 90% of American kids of a certain age did) and so loved the idea of having them for my Dolls to play with. Teehee...

Here is what they looked like in their packaging.

I had to take a close-up of some of the Little People. They are the old school ones from when I was little and my sister and I used to argue about who got to play with the 'mean boy' (See him in the back seat) and the dog (see in front seat). How fun!

Here is Kerrie  (Good Kruger 12 inch doll) playing with the bus with two of her big sisters.

So cute!!

I love them! There are a few others I want to pick up eventually... The Fisher Price Rock and Stack and The Lincoln Logs and and and and... Oh I am sure I wouldn't turn any of them down... LOL Maybe I'll get lucky eventually and find them at the thrift store or a garage sale. You never know!

Better Run!


  1. What fun! A bunch of years ago, a company called Basic Fun made a bunch of key chains of classic toys like Etch-a-Sketch, Game of Life, Magic 8 Ball, Clue... they did LOTS and they were the perfect size for Barbie size, and 8" Ginny dolls. So cool! Now I need some of these! And is Kerrie a 16" Good-Kruger doll?!?! Darling! (Too many exclamation points, I'm sure, but oh, well!!)

    1. Hi D.H.!
      I'll have to keep an eye out for the ones you mentioned! She is a Good-Kruger doll! She's only 12 inches but I love her as a baby sister to the dolls in my Doll House! I added a linky in the blog where I mention her name to where she came from. :)