Tuesday, May 29, 2018

A Day At The Beach! Doll Photography!

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!

Some of the dolls 'went to the beach' Saturday. 
Here is their little story. 

Here are a lot of the girls  in the morning just enjoying the beach house.

They built sandcastles... Here is Amy with hers. (which is actually one like these figurines that I got at a thrift store and think makes a perfect sand castle for the dolls!)

Star, Leonie and Nanea searched the beach for sea shells... They found some fantastic ones!
(The shells actually came from one of those tourist trap gift shop bottles of shells you can buy at just about any gift shoppe near a beach... Mine was 50cents at a Garage Sale) 

Then Carla had the great idea to call Cat Doll and see if she would come and teach a hula class!

Charlsea is very fair and so she hid a lot under an umbrella on the lounge chair and slathers on suscreen!

Star had never been to the beach before and she loved everything about it!

Carla is telling Nanea about the hula class and that Cat was on her way over! Nanea was excited because she hadn't been to a class in such a long time.

Before they knew it, Cat had arrived! Carla hadn't met her before and so she ran right up and said hi!

Several of the girls were interested in taking a class... Cat brought along a few extra grass skirts and tuutuu's for the rest...

They were ready to get started! They just needed to move the pink picnic table out of the way...

Cat is such an amazing instructor that before they knew it, they had a few moves down. Spectrum and Amy both played the ukelele for them.

So much fun!!

Here they all are after the class. Left to right: Cat, Charlsea, Leonie, Saila, Nanea, Carla (in front), Star, Amy and Spectrum.

Most of the girls went into the beach house for a rest but Amy wanted to lay out on a beach towel and enjoy the weather...

Later in the day they were expecting a few friends to drop by and finally they did... Jamar and his cousin Omar arrived! (Omar actually just arrived in the Doll House very recently and I haven't even told you his story yet... I'll link to that post when I get it done)

Nanea was sunbathing, Star was making a sandcastle and Leonie was talking to Charlsea about thier native Canada and so Carla and Spectrum showed Jamar and Omar the shells they'd found earlier. They had been busy photographing them, then looking them up on google to try and identify what manner of animal may have housed in the shells. The guys thought that was a pretty interesting project and immediately wanted to join them.

Charlsea and Leonie had decided in the morning that since they were both newcomers to the Doll House and the country, they would wear 'twinsy' bathing suits. They had been inseperable friends since Leonie arrived even if they were from different places in Canada. 

Nanea knew it was time for more sunscreen! She didn't want to burn!

Omar hadn't met Saila before yet and they had a great time talking to each other about where they were from. Saila's Canada sounded so interesting and unique to Omar and Omar's Baltimore sounded so interesting to Saila. Isn't it fun to talk about different places and how much they are different but also how much they are the same.

Finally Barbara arrived... She brought along the groceries so they could have a cookout. How fun!

So it was a great day at the beach! Later on they all cooked out and ended evening watching sun set over beach while they ate Ice Cream.

I hope you had a relaxing weekend filled with family and friends you love.


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