Friday, June 8, 2018

Dolls Take A Weekend Camping Trip!!

Hi Doll Friends!

Happy Friday! It's been a fast moving week! Who am I kidding? Aren't they all? All the same I am so glad it was because I am ready for a weekend and some R&R! Speaking of weekend R&R, some of the dolls took a lovely camping trip last weekend to get just that. Here are some photos from their trip! Doll photography is quickly becoming one of my favorite aspects of my little doll hobby. It becomes more and more fun as I add more members and 'accessories' to the Doll House and learn new tricks as I go. 

I also love making YouTube videos of the photos in progressive order. Not 'stop motion' (because I don't think I'll ever have the patience for that!) but just photos in order that tells a story... More like a comic book or graphic novel. I worry a bit that them not having any audio will make them less appealing to the viewer (well, they have the cheesy canned music that comes with the editing app on my phone) but I make them as much for myself as for anyone. Hahaha. I can put the videos on my huge TV and leave them on as like a 'screen saver' during the day while I work. (I am an admin who works from home four days out of five) So as I am on conference calls or just working through my day I can glance up and get inspired to take more photos. Yes, I am a dork. But we've already figured that out long ago and so... I repeat myself. Hahaha. Golly do I ramble or what? In any case, I have considered adding 'words' to them in the old school 'silent movie' type way, where I'd make text boxes to insert between the photos to tell the story better but so far... I haven't done it. What do ya'll think of that idea? 

So here are the photos of the doll camping trip from last weekend! They even brought the motorbikes! They didn't have those for last years trip

It was Josh, Lili, Heather, Keltie, Frann and Frank. Oh and Grace the dog came along too! So... I hope you enjoy the photos and also have some wonderful R&R this coming weekend yourself! 

Till Next Time!

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