Saturday, June 9, 2018

So... Target Had A Sale On Our Generation Doll Stuff...

Doll Friends!

It's not my fault!! I couldn't help it! Target put all of their toys, which of course included Our Generation Brand doll stuff, on a really fantastic sale! First, everything was on pretty good sale already and then on top of that, if you spent $100, you got $25 off the top! And free shipping for orders over $35! So, like, practically free even. Ok, well, maybe not. However being as it was just after the first of the month, I'd just gotten my monthly Doll Mad Money allowance and... Well... I'll probably be out of said Doll Mad Money by, I dunno, tomorrow (Kind of depends on happenings in eBayland... teehee *crosses fingers-eyes-toes*) but I'll be happily so...
So. Many. Fun. Doll. Things!!

Here is Sueretta in one of the swimsuits I bought. Isn't it adorable. You can see the box for it below... It comes with a cute beach ball and some adorable accessories. I thought she looked really cute being a model with the Life Guard Playset.

Side note: See her fantastic gladiator sandles? They are some I found from My Life As the last time I went to Walmart for milk and did some shopping research in the doll aisle. I only found the one pair or I'd have probably bought one or two more pairs because they are so cute. Then I found out they fit my Adora dolls (who's feet are just a tiny bit too big for most standard 18inch doll shoes) I was really sad I'd not found more. So, I'll be shopping researching for them every time I go to Walmart for the forseeable future. I digress. But don't they look totes adorbs with the new suit?

You can't really tell from this photo but this box is huge.

Here's the swimsuit set that Sueretta was wearing, it's called Beach Belle. I love the sandles and beach ball! So cute! I will have to set up another Beach Scene soon to showcase these fantastic sets!

This is a set I've wanted for a while but just wanted to wait for a good sale... So... Here it is. I unboxed it already but haven't taken any photos with any of it yet. It's super realistic looking and adorbale and it's going to make for some fantastic doll photos!

I got a few other sets too but they are being slower to arrive than these were... I have the Deluxe Riding Outfit and the Deluxe Retro Beach Party Outfit on the way here.

I also got a second Ping Pong Outfit and, as I just went to look for a link to it from Target, it looks like it's no longer available. What?! I really only threw it in my basket because it was on super low sale (like $8.09 or something) and it rounded out my $100 order. I said 'second' Ping Pong Outfit because last year in my big Our Gen order for my birthday I got my first one. So I thought I'd just link to it so you'd know/remember which I was talking about. Only to find I don't think I ever posted specifically about that set back then. Ooops. It looks like I did a 'here is the first part of the story on this shipment of fantastic OG items' and I never made it back for the second post. Tsk-tsk. I tell you, I lose more trains of thought than I catch lately. In any case, I guess it's good I ordered two because it is a super cute set and it also will be a second chance to show it to you properly. So... I'll be back. Hahaha. (Yeah, I know, that's what I said the last time!!) So... *crossing fingers-eyes-toes* I'll remember! Oh! and the grand total of all my fabulous items? Only a little over $80.00 with tax. Fantastic!

Have a great day!

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