Friday, June 1, 2018

Paola Reina Las Amigas Dolls Clothes Options

Hi Doll Friends!

So recently I've gotten two beautiful Paola Reina Las Amigas Dolls from my wonderful sister friend Frann! They are some of the most diminutive dolls I have, so cute and perfect as little sisters! While Frann sent some amazing outfits for them, I was curious which, if any, of the doll clothes in the Doll House wardrobe might fit them too? So off I went to grab my big pink bin of 14inch doll clothes... Las Amigas are 12.5 inches but I thought some of them might work. 

And I was right! The Glitter Girl and Wellie Wisher clothes and shoes actually work pretty well I was delighted to find. Here we have Hekele wearing a GG shirt, WW skirt and WW boots. Then Katniss (Heart for Hearts doll) was able to wear the cute Adidas top that Frann sent for them, so it goes both ways! The skirts from the Las Amigas dolls were just a touch too thin for her though. No matter, the leggings she is wearing with it look cute! Then Carla (on right) is wearing a top Frann sent along with a pair of WW sized leggings and a pair of GG boots. Don't they all look adorable?

So if you're looking for clothes for your Las Amigas' Dolls you might try some Glitter Girl or Wellie Wisher clothes for them! 

Then, since the girls were all trying on each other clothes, I decided to try the adorable blue dress Frann sent for them on my smallest little sister doll Karrie. Well, other than the babies... It looked fantastic!

Aren't they cute?

I love this My life As Dance Studio Stage I got the other day! It's a perfect place to take a quick doll photo and you can get two angles even, seeing both front and back of outfits. How fun! Although it's better when I don't have a huge hair accidentally left on the stage too... Oh well... 

I love the Las Amigas Dolls! They are so cute and fun to dress...

Better run!

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