Friday, June 1, 2018

Frann Gets Her Own Kitchen! Our Generation Doll Kitchen Goodwill Find!

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!

"Doll Kitchens... How many does one doll collector need really... Well, I suppose it could depend on the doll collector, right? For instance, if you have a whole army of dolls, wouldn't you need more than one? I mean, I have three or four bedrooms in the doll house (the fourth isn't always set up) and Frann has her own apartment of sorts... So why wouldn't she need her own kitchen? It would be fun to have Heather Doll go have tea in Frann Doll's kitchen afterall..." 

These were the thoughts that ran through my head as I happened upon an amazing Goodwill find a few weeks ago (it's been a busy few weeks!). I mean, the moment I lay my eyes on each piece I put them in my buggy immediately. They were in totally different aisles and after I found the first, I ran like a mad woman marched determinedly and quickly around hoping to find the second and... There it was! However, I walked around the store for a solid 15mins before I decided to allow myself to purchase them. Because... 

*repeat conversation above

But I obviously caved and bought them both.

I've actually always kind of wanted an Our Generation Kitchen. I think they are much more sturdy than my Journey Girl Kitchen. The only things I didn't/don't like about them was 1) nearly zero 'cabinets' in the kitchen and 2) that goofy round 'clock' in the betweek the sink and stove always/still annoys me. Why make the rest of it somewhat realistic looking and then put a preschool-toy looking clock in the middle? Just goofy. I plan to cover it with something...? Ideas? So those are why I have  Journey Girl kitchen instead. However, finding these for under $10.00 was just impossible to pass up!

So I am going to let Frann Doll and Heather Doll do the Vanna White and show you everything about them...

What a great find when you get a second hand doll fridge and it has ALL the shelves and drawers? Awesomeness. 

Then the big freezer drawer even had 'stuff' in it!!

Here is what it looked like when you first opened it...

And the stuff that was below it. That clear bowl is an American Girl one and maybe the plate (? I'd have to go look again but I think so?) and the rest is Our Gen. It even had the little red phone that came with the kitchen. Nice!

I wonder where this rack is supposed to go?

Aha! The stove!

There are some cabinets at least. As you can see, the 'broiler' drawer is missing... I think I am going to cover the 'slot' where it goes with some red cardstock to make it look like it's just 'drawerless'.

A dishwasher! So nice to not have to hand wash the dishes!

So all in all, it is an amazing find! I made a little video out of these (and a few more) photos and posted it over on YouTube if you want to check it out. Kind of fun.

Better run!
Have a great weekend!!

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