Sunday, March 25, 2018

Madame Alexander Batgirl Doll Arrives At The Doll House!

Doll Friends,

It wasn't my fault. She showed up in my suggestions from Amazon and was less than $30 and I've recently heard Madame Alexander company is struggling... I had to.

Isn't she adorable?

I took photos of her in her box but for some reason I can't get some of them to upload into Google. I've tried three times? Weird! So here are stock photos from Amazon of how she looks in the box.

These are the only two of the box photos I could get to upload...? As you can see, there are three different Super Hero dolls in the line!

I love the costumes of the other two but I really don't care for the face sculpt on either of them. I think this face sculpt looks like she's about to cry or is terrified or something... Not the best look for Super Girl really... Too bad... Or maybe a good thing because I might've thought I needed all three of them. Hahaha.

I also had photos of the Wonder Woman version but they wouldn't upload. She's since gone up in price to over $40 anyway. 

I love her! She's got the cutest costume and it's so well made!

She had the sewn-in whatsits in her hair but her hair is lovely now that I took them off.

Such pretty blue green eyes! I don't think I have this face sculpt in my collection either... I need to take a side by side look with all my other MA dolls to verify... Hmmm...

Gotta run! Have a happy Sunday!

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