Saturday, March 31, 2018

Tolly Tot Rose and Another Twinsy Doll For The Doll House!

Greetings And Salutations Doll Friends!
My very first 18inch type doll was my Tolly Tot's Rose. She was one of my daughters 18inch dolls the year she got her first American Girl Doll. She was a doll we'd discovered at a thrift store for $2.00 or so and my daughter didn't really play with her because she had Calla and Shuri and they were more her favorites at the time. So I was able to sneak her out of my daughters room to be my fit model for my very first attempts at upcycling doll clothes. When my daughter discovered I'd used her for my fit model and started liking her she sweetly gave her to me as 'my' doll for when we played dolls. So, suffice to say she's got and will always have a special place in my heart and the Doll House. 

As you may recall, I recently found some new in the box Tolly Tots Tolly Girl Clothes on eBay. Well, what I didn't tell you at the time was that a doll came with the lot. She wasn't in her box but she was 'brand new' in that she still had on her original outfit and still had her hair nets in from when she was unboxed. She was a nearly identical twin to my Rose!! Her hair is a tiny bit darker and she has bangs but otherwise I think they are spot on!

Do you agree? Here they are side by side. Rose put on a pair of PJs that I got at the same time so they look even more like twins!! So I had another twinsy doll to send my sister friend Frann!

They had some great conversations when they met! Long lost twins often do. *winks*

So I waited to tell you about her untill now because I specifically purchased her for my sister friend Frann for her Birthday. I finally got her sent this week and so can finally come and tell you about her and not ruin the suprise for Frann. Well, not quite. She might read this before her Rose arrives in the mail but I couldn't wait to tell about her now that she's on the way! 

So Happy Birthday Frann
I am so glad of having started writing this blong since it's how I met you! 

Trivia fact: My Rose came with her original owners name written on her foot (Think Andy from Toy Story) and so when I found her I changed it to read my daughters name... I obviously could try the zit cream cure and perhaps make it disappear but for sentimental reasons, I think she's going to keep her tattoo. She also had a tiny rip in her bottom when I got her and she has a little 'flower' patch over it... But she's perfect, to me. *smiles*

Better run!

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