Saturday, March 10, 2018

New Our Generation Professional Woodworker Doll Valeria Arrives At The Doll House!

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!

Happy Saturday!! Guess who arrived mid-week but I haven't had a chance to come show you until now?

She's very pretty! I was a bit aghast at them having packaged her with the safety goggles on I will admit? What if they scratched her face? Luckily, as best as I can tell, my worries were unfounded. I still think it was sort of silly of them to put her in the box this way? How are you supposed to 'see' her? Sure, there is a photo of her on the box but... Well, maybe it's just me. Probably. I over think way too many things... 

Here she is in her box...

And the back of the box...

So, I am never one to want to 'trash talk' a new doll or any doll strait out of the box... But... Holy smokes look at that frizzy mess of hair. She came out of the box just like this. Um... Yikes. No matter, I thought, she just needs a good comb out and it'll be fabulous...

Until I hit a snag in her hair like three times and found more than one of these...! What? I am still confounded as to how she could have chunky rats in her hair when she'd never even left the box. How weird. I even had a moment where I thought "That's madness, I am taking her back to the store." But... Her face is so pretty and it's not really her fault that her hair is wonky... So, ultimately, as with other dolls that make their way to the Doll House with 'flaws', I decided I'd just try and sort her hair best as I could and keep her. Of course. Hahaha. 

I seriously ususally don't feel so nit-picky about dolls when they arrive... Maybe it's because I generally think I know what I am going to get because I look at them each very well before I order them and read reviews etc... But... These overalls. I guess I saw in the photo that they had 'slits' in the legs... I guess it's a style thing that I've never really understood. Cutting holes in perfectly good jeans as some style statement. Mostly I think it just looks silly. Here especially... I think anyway. They'd have been much cuter if they'd just left them 'uncut'. But.... It is what it is. One small last nit-pick about this doll? Her given name!? What kind of name is that? It sounds like an illness. So, yeah, that's going to change. I'll keep you posted!

I must apologize because that's all the photos I have for now... In looking at todays forcast, it appears nice weather is coming today so I'll hope to have a chance to take some good photos of her today. Ilee from Journey Girl also arrived (I know, I know... I can't ever seem to buy dolls one at a time... Oh no... I gotta bring them home in teams or something... *face palm* LOL) and I need to take photos of her too so it'll light a fire under me. Always something needing done at the Doll House. Eh?

Better run if I am going to get a post up about Ilee coming home too!


*Updated March 18, 2018*

Hi Doll Friends,

I got more photo's taken of her the other day...

I just braided her hair for now... I think she looks gorgeous with it back off her face. 

I changed her clothes too although I thought her 'meet outfit's shirt looked cute with the retro strawberry jeans and platform sandals so I put it back on her. 

She's such a cute doll. I am glad I got her. 

You can see the pretty blue streak through her hair. I sent my Madame Alexander Doll Blue to live with my sister friend Frann. (We love to share dolls) So I think I am going to re-name Valeria and her new name will be Blue. Because with the blue streak in her hair, that's perfect!

Better run!

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  1. Maybe the knees are supposed to help her look 'authentic, like the dabs of paint? Ihave personally never known woodworking people to NOT be hard on their clothes. Jus' sayin'! She is really pretty, in spite of that wild hair. I'm surprised there is not paint in it! Maybe more practical braids? My hair isn't that long and it tries to get in everything.