Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Custom Boy 18inch Heidi Ott Doll

Greetings Doll Friends!

I have a friend with a teenage daughter who used to be a bit into 18" dolls. She went thru an experimental phase with them at some point during that time such as cutting hair and modifying her dolls. One of those dolls happened to be a Heidi Ott Faithful Friends doll she gleaned from a garage sale for a few dollars. It wasn't in the greatest shape when she got it and so she didn't feel bad cutting the hair to make a boy doll or adding highlights to the hair... Or eventually "borrowing" his "stuffing" one evening to use in a re-born doll, her newer hobby. Still, she kept him tucked into her bottom drawer of dolls, knowing even in the state he was in, he was worth something. She didn't throw him away, thank heavens. Because when I saw him one day and asked if she wanted him anymore she said that I could have him! Woot! A new dolly to fix up! My favorite thing to do! 

Here is what he looked like when she gave him to me. Note I have called him a boy because I plan to keep him that way. 

Note that he is missing his stuffing. He's feeling a bit flat. Maybe I should name him Stanley? Hahaha! I digress. 

His back stitching was opened rather half hazard when the stuffing was removed. I get it, sometimes emergency surgery is complicated!

He was in desperate need of a bath too and his wig was coming loose at his forehead. 

Still, his face was in good shape and his eyes were good and functional. 

This is him in our hotel room when we were in middle of moving about a month ago. I did most of the project there, needing something to DO. I don't do idle well at all, have I mentioned? I am either moving and doing or sleeping, no middle ground really. So I didn't think to photo much of the process of fixing him up other than the "before" photos.

I cleaned him all up with a Norwex cloth and washed his hair. I thought I'd be changing his wig but wigs are not cheap. I had nothing to loose by washing and trying to salvage this wig and so... I actually ended up thinking it looks like pretty spiffy boy doll hair. Kind of "punk" with the mascara "highlights" I couldn't get completely out.

His toes and fingers were very dirty but all intact and ok.

Here is his neck marking. I love Heidi Ott dolls. He is the third I have now. 

I inserted an armature since he was all "open" anyway. Heidi Ott dolls of this sort don't stand well at all. I have another one, Beth, I've thought of adding one to for a while now and figured I'd try with this little guy first. Then I stuffed him really well with new polyfill and stitched him closed. The stitching is rather messy looking, a very big "scar", but the opening was very jagged and I had to do my best with what was. 

He also had a bit of a stain on the backside of his torso. I cleaned him the best I could before I started but that wasn't gonna budge. It's all good though, he will be wearing clothes to cover it all up anyway. 

So here he is! I really like him! He can stand on his own although his arms don't pose very well at all. 

I decided to keep his wig. I think it looks ok. I'm thinking I'll trim his "sideburns" a bit more at some point but am holding off until I decide what exactly I want to do. You can't un-cut hair after all. 

Here he is with David, my Gotz boy doll. I think they look like great friends!

Then they called Leanne over to be in photo. (She is a "My Life As" doll from Walmart)

Leanne is a bit of a tomboy at heart and always likes to hang with the guys. 

Who can blame her, aren't they cool?

Here he is with all the other guys in the doll house... Or most of them. I forgot one or two in this group of boys. 

Well that's it for now Doll Friends!
Till next time!

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  1. Dear Heather,
    You are so kind to show all process of reproducing dolls and stuffs with pictures and writings.
    I know its process needs lots of time and efforts.
    It is impossible for me to do like that.
    Some day I hope that I can have dolls space like yours