Friday, December 11, 2015

Uh Oh! Our Gen's Were On Sale!

Doll Friends!

Can't help it! They were on sale! I got them to my door for less than $18 each! I had to! I've wanted these two beauties for a long time... 

Didn't even stop to take photos of them in boxes I was so stoked to get them!



I took photos on my desk... Again, was too stoked and excited to bother with proper backgrounds. Here are the intros from the Our Gen website:

I've never seen either in an actual Target and so I had never taken plunge before. I renamed Maeva, her name is now Sonali. It is Sanskrit for "golden" and a name I've always loved. Alejandra is keeping her name but I plan to call her Handra for short. I know, it's not an H in Alejandra but Jandra looks funny...? Handra is what it will sound like tho, what I call her. I love names with the H sound. 

That's it for now friends! Till next time!


  1. I totally understand how stoked your were taking the beauties out of the boxes. I'm overwhelmed your broad information about dolls as well as having lots of dolls.

  2. Jusf seeing this. See? I've never been lucky enough to have anyone comment. I know someone must be reading because my kids check that sort of thing. I can't help it, it's like I am driven, now, to write about every 14-20inch doll out there! Well... Maybe not. But I can try! XXOO