Friday, December 25, 2015

UpCycle Doll Clothes Part Two; Newborn pants to Doll Pants

Greetings Doll Friends,

So I have upcycled all manner of baby clothes into doll clothes but mostly tops and dresses... However I've had a pretty big influx of boy dolls into the house lately and I needed some more pant options. I'd bought a bunch of newborn sized pants at a $1/bag sale at a Garage Sale this summer. Some newborn sized pants will fit just as they are although they are usually a bit baggy on all but the most 'thick' doll. I kept thinking that if I could just 'take them in' they'd be perfect... So, since I unpacked my sewing machine, I figured I'd give it a whirl...

Here is the finished product.

For measurments, I just used a pair of hand made American Girl Doll pants I already owned. 

See, it's size 0-3mnths in baby clothes.

You can see how much it is too big in the waist.

So I took my handy dandy ruler and made a line down the edge from the place I'd pinned based on the red pants.

Sewed down the drawn line.

I always, being me, zigzag next to seam so it doesn't rip out. 

All sewn! Now it's time to cut off extra!

Tada! Now they are the right width...

However, I wasn't considering how high waisted they'd be! Oh well, a shirt covers it up and at least they stay up now, right? 

Till next time friends!

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