Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Update on Dollar General 18" Dolls

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!!

I had to go to into "town" today for work. Enroute there are two Dollar General Stores. I figured I'd stop in and see if they had any 18" doll clothes like the ones I'd found in my smaller town Dollar General.

The first one I stopped at was pretty wiped out of ALL their toys. Literally. It is also in a small Nebraska town and so I guess that is how it is around Christmas!
All I found with regards to 18" dolls, as opposed to Fashion dolls, was this cute little tea set. 

I was tempted to buy it because it was so cute but I already have oodles of doll dishes and so I passed it up. 

There was this cutie there though.

Who I thought could make a great little sister doll and she has great accessories that would work with the 18" dolls. I didn't buy her because, well, I have a lot of dolls already!

At the next Dollar General I didn't find any clothes at all but found ONE of the dolls. They'd changed their sale or I might have bought her....

When I bought the one I found last time, it was 50% off all the stars and dots. This time it was only 50% off your second item. So... Not as good a deal. I honestly couldn't find any other toys I wanted enough to take them up on it though and so I left her at the store. 

Which was hard cos she was cute!! But again, I have a lot of dolls! Gotta leave some dolls for the other people of the world! 

 So go get her! Hahaha. Or one like her! 

Till next time!!

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  1. Hi! Heather,
    I will get it if possible, Hahaha.
    Actually I was not into 18" American girl and others, but you make me get into them.
    I will seach for 18" dolls online for good price and buy in days.
    I live in Seoul, the biggist city in Korea, but there aren't dolls that you have.