Saturday, December 12, 2015

Doll Clothes for 18inch Dolls from Dollar General for $1.50!

Greetings Doll Friends!

Am uploading oodles of blog photos that I plan to come write in later... But had to tell you quick about this!! I found these doll clothes at Dollar General for $1.50 each on sale! They were marked $3.00 but then everything with a certain star or dot was 50% off! Woot! I bought all they had. Sorry other people in town! There were only three though. I bought two of the jeans outfit because I plan to steal the jeans portion of the outfits for boy dolls. Jeans are hard to find that aren't all embellished with "girl" accents.

Brandi (May Lee O.G) is modeling the jean outfit. It's pretty cute for its price point especially. I'll post a better review later but wanted to get this up so y'all can go look at your Dollar General and see if you can find some inexpensive doll clothes outfits! 

There may or may not have been an 18inch doll found there too. I am hiding her because she is gonna be a Christmas surprise but she is pretty cute and was $6.00!! She was literally the only one in the whole store and was up on the rafter shelves so LOOK AROUND THE WHOLE STORE! Up in the high shelves. I'll post photos of her soon. But go look at the Dollar General!

Better review later but for now, check out photos!

**UPDATE: December 17, 2015**

I am so sorry I have been remiss in finishing this review. I am so not used to posting photos and then doing the writing later that I got this posted and just checked it off my mental 'to-do' list and went on with life. Ooops. Had a friend point out that it wasn't written yesterday... How embarrasing! Sorry folks!! Ok.. So here we go with the review!

There were only two different ensembles available at the store I went to and I bought both of them, two of the one with jeans because, as I said above, I plan to use the jeans part of the outfit for my boy dolls who never have enough clothing! I plan to remedy that if I ever get the chance to get my sewing machine out but in the meantime, they have to wear something! Eh?

Pretty simple outfits and packaging but considering the price point, even at full price, not too shabby.

The back of the box tells all about Uneeda Doll company. 

The box was very easy to open, with tabs along side so it coule open up like a book. 

Then the outfits are simply attached to a thin cardboard with plastic fasteners and a zip tie for the comb.

This outfit had four pieces, the pink shrug, the jeans, the blouse and the comb.

Sadly, when I took the first little blouse out of the box, it had a stain on the back! See the shadowy stain on the back on the top right? Bummer. I'll have to give it a wash and see if it comes out. 

The outfit all free of it's plastic fasteners!

Ok, as many of you probably already know, I am a bit of a snob when it comes to quality with regards to sewing and this outfit, while cute, has a few things that make me unhappy. I mean, I don't really expect better for such an inexpensive outfit but my Granny taught me well and poor quality workmanship just kind of makes me annoyed. Notice the unfinished edges on the jeans at the hem. 

Same story in the waist of the jeans. Oh well, they're inexpensive doll clothes. Details like that make them not as durable though and doll clothes, in my humble opinion, need to be made as well or better than 'people' clothes because they get more 'rough treatment' from little hands learning how to navigate changing dolls. 

Still, they looked pretty cute on Elvis. 

He's a boy so he didn't need to wear a shirt and so is a perfect model for showing you the top of jeans. 

Here he is with a jacket and white shirt that I already owned paired with the jeans. 

Here is Brandi (May Lee OG) modeling the whole outfit. 

and the back... Very cute I have to admit. 

Since I had a spare blouse, I decided to try it on my Our Generation Little Friends doll and it made a cute little dress!!

All in all, I am pleased with the sets. I haven't opened the 2nd one yet because I think I might make it a give-away here on the blog... Just gotta get the details worked out. I'll be back with them soon!

Till next time!

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