Friday, September 8, 2017

A Motor Bike For The Doll House! Brats Babyz Bike Goodwill Find!

Greetings And Salutations Doll Friends!!

Look what I found on my way to church Wednesday night at Goodwill! I didn't know what doll it was for originally but knew it would be perfect as a "Harley" for my Josh doll!! My husband and I went to High School up in South Dakota... Enroute to Sturgis. Which means, once a year, we would witness thousands of Harley's growling past us on the freeway. Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is a sight to behold!! So I've always loved the idea of getting a motorcycle for my Josh doll but didn't think they made them. So when I saw this on the shelf I was so stoked! It's nearly perfect scale I think... Especially alongside my retro cruiser! I love it! I plan to get a red sharpie and fix the rubbed off paint. I love that the headlight actually works! I suspect it's supposed to drive in some way but I can't figure out how to work that part? My husband thinks it must have been a remote control but when I look at the photos of the new one in box (that I stole off google search) I don't see a controller? It's a "Bratz Babyz Motor-Bike" and I looked on eBay and there are some on there if you're looking for one. Not for $3.99 like I paid but there was one (when I am writing this) on a buy-it-now for $10.95 with free shipping! I was almost tempted to buy that one cos it's PINK and then Heather doll could have one too! But my husband already thinks my dolls have amassed too big a garage of vehicles so I better not! Hahaha. 

Have a fantastic weekend!



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