Saturday, September 30, 2017

Build A Bear Clothing Alterations For American Girl Dolls

Hi Doll Friends,

Whenever I happen to find BuildABear clothes for very cheap, I usually pick them up... They can be altered to fit 18inch doll's pretty well. It's just a matter of getting out the sewing machine! So, as you know with my frenzy of upcycles recently I've been in a bit of a sewing mood.  

So I finally pulled out the bag of BuildABear clothes that I'd found here there and the other place and started to make them over...

Here is Jody Doll, Mandy Doll and Cat Doll all wearing altered BuildABear clothes. Well, Jody and Mandy are wearing non-BAB tops but the shorts are made over. Cat's whole outfit is a made over BAB outfit.

I made this over but need to get photo's of the finished item. It's really pretty! Just in time for Halloween!

This is a much needed pair of boy shorts! Why much needed? Because I have no shortage of boys in the Doll House.

Here is Tyler modeling the white shorts I made over...

Here are Cat's shorts. I was glad to be able to save the word 'hula' in the shorts because Cat love hula dance

This skirt came out so cute!

See it on Judy (above, second from left.) 

This is a Build A Bear dress I made over is gorgeous! If I do say so...

This is 'before'.

I wondered if maybe I could get away with just moving the velcro but decided it looked a bit, um, cheesey...

Here is how I altered it.

And perfect!

Better run!

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