Friday, September 1, 2017

Tuesday Morning Has Doll Stuff!!

Greetings Doll Friends!!
One of my favorite stores is called Tuesday Morning. They are a store that sells a little bit of everything, even some food. I go there once a month or so to buy my coffee syrup because it's nearly half the price it is everywhere else. So I stopped in this past weekend after church for just that very thing. While I was there, naturally, I decided to gander around to see if I could find any 'doll stuff'. They have a toy department and a craft department and so I usually check both.  

In the craft department I saw these cute 'spools' that I considered buying for the doll house. They'd be ardorable in a doll sewing room... And I've played with the idea of making a sewing room in the doll house because sewing has been a big part of my life growing up. My Granny loved to sew! While most of my sewing now is upcycling because it's just so much easier and cheaper than pattern sewing, I'll never forget the summer days I spent every year with my Granny sewing up dolly dresses or dresses and clothes for me. 💓 So I am sure someday I'll eventually make one... The OG set called It Seams Perfect has tempted me more than once and so I am sure I'll cave at some point or other and buy it. Hahaha. 

I also saw this set of play food which is mostly too big in scale for the dolls... But you may notice the servings of spaghetti and the little fruit cobbler? Those sized items work well as serving sized dishes of pasta. So I took a photo...!

These little bottles in the craft section would be great in a doll classroom or doll kitchen. 

I saw these 18inch dolls and snapped a photo simply becasue they are 18inch dolls. I think they are meant to be knock offs of the more slim line Disney 18inch dolls like my Merida or Ariel or Aurora. I suppose they would be good to buy for their outfits, accessories and the pretty neat travel case... The dolls, however, remind me of those old school dime store knock-off Barbies. Maybe you never had one? I only had one once or twice because my mother hated cheaply made toys. Haha. Maybe that's why I do? In any case, the dolls aren't all that well made I don't think. The box is so light its hard to believe there is even a doll in it...  

This little oven is adorable. It'd be good for a doll kitchen I think. 

It's times like this that I wish I carried a doll in my car all the time to carry into stores to show the scale of items. These little pet carriers were, I think, perfectly sized for the dolls! But it's hard to tell that without a doll standing next to one. As I type this it occurs to me I could've moved one of the "Rachel" dolls (above) over to show scale. Rats! Oh well, they really were a good size for the dolls. 

This kind of surprised me. I didn't know that Tuesday Morning ever got any 'Our Generation' items? Who knew?! I think they get their inventory from 'overstock' of other stores and so I guess that makes sense. I imagine these were a prior year style of the Mini OG Dolls they've named Lori Dolls. They sure are cute. The regular price at Target for Lori dolls is about $10 and so these were about three dollars cheaper. Not too bad. 

They only had four but all four of them were really cute. Are you proud of me? I was able to walk out of the store with nothing but the coffee syrups I went in for. Not easy when there are so many cute doll items to be had but you buy all the doll things! Right?

Better run.
Have a fantastic Friday!

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