Wednesday, November 8, 2017

American Girl Doll Had A Sale!!

Hi Doll Friends!!

I don't really buy all that much actual American Girl doll brand stuff... It's just generally more expensive than I like to pay especially when Our Generation clothes and accessories seem to be on par quality wise but usually like half the price, especially if you purchase them on sale.

But recently, they had a sale that I couldn't pass up...

These cute tops were only $4.00 each! I bought two so I could have twinsy outfits for Frann and Heather Doll. You can see them modeling them in this YouTube video about them visiting a local park. 

And these cute balloon and tshirt sets were only $5.00 each!

They came with the cutest 'shopping bags' from AG in doll size! How Fun!!

These doll sized watches were only $2 each. In hindsight I should've bought more... Bummer... But glad to get two. Plan to use them as props for Christmas gifts next month!

I've liked this outfit for a whle... It was only $11. I love love love the boots!

I am super excited about this mini-doll. Grace was the doll of the year the year I started really getting into AG with my daughter and so my Heather Doll having a Grace Doll will be fun. Again, she is going to be a prop for Christmas as a gift. Teehee. I don't really need the books. I am considering making them one of my monthly give aways. Would that be lame?

This cute Cheer Gear outfit was only $14.00!!

So cute!! I already used the set as Halloween costumes at the Halloween Party at the Doll House!

So I'll be back to show you items I haven't opened as I open them...
Gotta run!

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