Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Gotz 14 Inch Hip Girl From eBay!!

Hi Doll Friends!!

Uh-oh... Algorithms got me again... eBay saw that I'd been searching for 14inch dolls recently as I was looking for the Glitter Girl dolls. So, about a week ago, this little lady showed up in my suggestions from eBay. I was intrigued...

A 14inch Gotz doll? What? I'd never heard of them. So I went off researching to find what I could find about 'Hip Girls' from Gotz... And.... Not much information is out there about them, at least as far as I could find. Mostly just prior auctions at various auction websites... Hmmm...

I knew she'd be top notch in quality because all Gotz dolls are really... She was still new in the box (obviously) and her starting price as only $29.99 (with $10/ship) and so I put in the minimum bid amount and waited to see if I got her for that price. And... Sure enough... I won the auction. She arrived day before yesterday...

I haven't really had the chance to look her over properly yet but had to come show you!!

I'll be back with a more proper look at her as soon as I can get one photo'd and posted. Have any of you ever heard of this kind of doll? Let me know in the comments. In any case, I think she's adorable!!

Better run!


  1. I have a Gotz hip girl Brianna. I’ve had her several years now and never even taken her out of the box as I thought she was too thin and her arms were too long. I’ve finally taken her out of the box to compare her against my other dolls. She looks really thin against heart4heart dolls but she looks ok against mini pal Maru. I’m going to try some of the clothes I’ve made Maru on her. As you say there’s no information on them on google. I don’t even know what year I got mine but it was when they were popular. I love their shoes the soles look so realistic.

    1. Hi Janice! Thanks for the comment! So interesting to me that there is seemingly so little about these cute dolls on the internet? I haven't really had a chance to look her over properly yet because I got swept up into Thanksgiving prep etc. It's so awesome that you mentioned a Maru doll!! I just ordered one of the larger ones for myself with some birthday money!! She's supposed to be here tomorrow! I've never had one before. So stay tuned to see her as well! Have a great day!