Monday, November 13, 2017

Style Girl 14 inch Doll Gets Rainbow Wig Makeover!

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!!

As you may recall if you stop by here regularly to check on what is going on that Doll House, I recently brought home a Style Girl 14inch Doll from Big Lots. As I said in my post about her at the time, I was pretty impressed by the quality of the doll compared to the how much she cost. They are reguarly $15 but I got mine for $10 with a $5off coupon! So how could I not? Right? 

So anyway, I was thrilled with everything about her othet than her hair... Much like the larger 18inch Style Girls of which I have two, the one drawback to these dolls is their hair quality... Or lack thereof. I mean, you can't fault the manufacturer of the dolls, they can only put so much into the dolls and still make money but, in my experience anyway, the hair is ususally where the difference is seen. However, the wonderful news is that if you fall in love with a dolly and she has sub-par hair, there are always doll wigs to come to the rescue!!

I got my wig from Custom Lolly Lu Stephens on eBay for less than $10!! 

Here she is "before"...

And after!! Isn't she gorgeous?!

I wanted to have a 14inch doll with "fantasy" colored hair since I've customized so many 18inch dolls with it... So I am super stoked to have her and even more stocked that, all totaled, she cost me only about $20! Nice! 

Better run! Technical difficulties have abounded this morning and eaten up all my blog writing time. Hence the change in font mid post here.... Oy! Blogger really needs to update their iDevice interface!! Oh well... even with its kinks the technology of today would've blown my mind as a child... lol So it's all perspective, eh?

Have a great week!!



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