Sunday, February 4, 2018

Tolly Girl New-In-Box Outfit Ensemnbles Find On eBay!

Doll Friends!!

Oh. My. Goodness.

I am so excited to tell you about the most amazing thing I found on eBay recently! As you may know if you've read this blog a while, I really love Tolly Tot 18inch dolls. Rose was my first 'fit' doll when I made some of my very first upcycled doll clothes items!! Since I've gone on to become a collector of dolls, I've also become quite a collector of Doll Clothes. Teehee. What can I say? I love 'style' and especially since probably half of my dolls are doppelganger dolls of people I know and love or that I admire as a person. (I've honestly never counted how many doppelganger dolls I have or done'
percentages... I should, that would be fun... I digress...) So, more and more I want to dress them in clothing that reflects the 'real' person's way of dressing... So I need quite a wardrobe at my disposal to accomplish that given that I have way too many just enough cherised dolls taking over living in my house. Right? 

As is my habit, I tend to shop  do serious doll research on eBay to see what is available... I have several saved searches and one of them is, naturally, Tolly Tot's. So, low and behold when I logged on the other day I had a notice that new Tolly items had been posted. When I saw one of the newest postings was for a Lot of New In Box Tolly Girl doll clothes ensembles with a Buy It Now option, I almost fell off my chair. Now, I don't normally leap at such things because such a find is usually crazy expensive. For some reason though, this lot made the outfits only about $8.00 each!! SUCH A STEAL!! So I plunked down some of my Doll Mad Money and started watching the mail...! I felt like a kid waiting for Christmas! 

They arrived Friday and did NOT disappoint. I've found a new Tolly Tot Doll before and have quite a few of their clothes I've gleaned second hand and so I know they are top-notch in quality and just adorable in style. I honestly think they are on par with the current quality of American Girl Doll clothes. Really. They are that nice!! I am running low on time, as ever, and so mostly this will have to be a photo review or show and tell. Suffice to say these will be some of my very favorite doll clothes in all of the Doll House Wardrobe. And that is saying something! Teehee. 

Here is the first of them in the box. Isn't it adorable? 

I love love love love love all of them. Especially the shoes! I'll come back later after church and tell you about more of the details... I hope... Sometimes I forget to make it back when I saw that because I am on to the next thing!! So, in case I forget, and you have questions, please ask. I can't say enough about how cool they are though! Even all the little pockets are real fuctioning pockets and so many snaps and details! Awesomeness all around...!

Have a great day!

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