Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Happy Valentine’s Day From The Doll House!

Hi Doll Friends!

Happy Valentine's Day!



UPDATE February 15, 2018

Hello again Doll Friends!

I posted this originally from my phone and so I didn't say a whole lot... But I had to say Happy Valentine's to all my Doll Friends! Mostly I am not the biggest of fan of Valentine's Day for 'grown-ups'... It all seems like a lot of bloated  and often unmet expectations on some ends and lonely or hurt feelings on other ends. All in the name of love. Fun, right? Seriously though, I know so many people that Valentine's Day makes them want to hide in bed all day because the whole world is amplifying their collective relationship status' and if that status isn't what you would wish it to be, it means you probably feel a bit left out. As for my sweetheart and me, we don't really do much for Valentines day. Not even kidding. We had hotdogs and french fries last night with our teenage kids. I gave them each some choclate obviously but not a lot... Afterall, today it'll be on sale half off! Haha!

All that being said about 'grown up' Valentines Day, I do think it can be a magic and fun holiday for kids. When my two were smaller, it was so much fun getting their cardboard mailbox for valentines made... Then picking out which Valentines they liked at the store... Then writing them all out to friends. At that age it's a celebration of friends and everyone gets valentines from thier whole class. Even if you write it out begrudgingly, it's a moment to just say nice things to people you spend all your days with. Not to mention, oftentimes, there is a party as well! What's not to love about that? Right?

So, as luck would have it. American Girl Ideas had amazing printables of Valentine's Cards that all I had to do was print and cut out... I love that they have JoJo Siwa ones. I'll always feel a bit of nostalgia when I see anything with JoJo on them because of my daughter having taken dance with her years ago. After looking back for that post about the JoJo Siwa clothes I got, I realize I never posted a photo of JoJo and my Little Miss and I'd meant to! Oops. So, I'll post one here. 

(The bottom right is obviously Jesslyn Siwa and not JoJo) So it'll be fun, in the future, to look back at these photos and see her Valentines being written out by the dolls.

Prism is helping the younger girls get their Valentines together... She even wrote out a few of her own!

After they got all the Valentines written out (the night before Valentine's Day because that's just how we roll around here... You?) they treated themselves to a lovely Valentine Chocolate.

Those aren't real chocolates, by the way. I got them on eBay months ago with Valentine's Day in mind. I think they are so adorable and realistic looking! I bought a 'real' chocolates box and just put the doll chocolates in the tray that the real ones arrived in. I think it looks so cute!

Well, that's it for now Doll Friends!! I hope you have a wonderful rest of the week! Only one more wake-up till the weekend! Time flies!


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