Wednesday, February 21, 2018

NEW Lotus Kindred Heart 18 Inch Dolls From Amazon! Just Like Journey Girls!

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!!

Lotus 18 inch dolls are one of my favorite doll lines (I know... I know... I love them all don't I? But they are all special in their own way, right?). I love both the Journey Girl/Espari type and the Newberry type because I think their face sculpts are so lovely. Recently, I decided to Google 'Lotus 18 inch dolls' you know, for research... Low and behold what popped up in my search engine but... Kindred Heart 18inch Lotus Dolls...? What? Who? Are these new???

So... Naturally.... I ordered one. Here is 'Paige' on the far left in the cute plaid jumper. Isn't she adorbs? I have my recently acquired Bumble Berry Girl Juliessa and Pamela my Lotus doll that most closely resembles 'Paige' who will be re-named Lisa... Long story but Pamela Doll is the reason searched for Lotus Dolls again and then ordered Paige/Lisa Doll in the first place... I'll have to tell you that story in another post because time is not being my friend this morning and has decided to go too quickly! Aren't they all three beautiful! See what I mean about their gorgeous face sculpts!? So, being Amazon, Lisa (Paige) arrived two days after I ordered her. Like magic! Especially when you live in a small town and going to the store can be a bit of a production.

Since they are apparently going to be sold on Amazon, they designed the box without a 'window'. I know that they'd likely never sell like this in a store front but I kind of like the box this way. I could use it to mail a doll if I needed to or to store one. So, that was a nice feature. I am kind of surprised they didn't print photos of the doll or doll line on the box but... Again, mail order customers being their target, I guess you've already bought the doll by the time you see the box so they don't need them. Interesting in any case!

This is the back of the box. 

One side...

And the other...

The top of the box...

What you see right after you open box...

She wasn't secured in any way other than the little cardboard piece you see in top of box when I opened it. She wasn't fastened in at all. Which, given the slim box, didn't really seem unreasonable and talk about an easy un-boxing! She just slides out of the box in the plastic bag you see here. 

Here's the back of her...

They might ought to have secured her hair in the back with an elastic so hair wouldn't get in her face like this... Poor dear. But small matter especially considering that 'hair whats-its' are such a pain to get out and often leave kinks in the hair. 

I about laughed myself sick when she came out of the bag and had electric hair! I am not sure if you can see it but it looked like she'd stuck her finger in a power outlet or something. Hysterical because I knew the fix but it might be a bit disconcerting to a small child who pulled out their new dolly to find she has spazzy hair! Still, I'd almost rather have this than the hair kinking whats-its. What do you think?

I just took a 'spent' (meaning it's gone through the dryer once) dryer fabric softener sheet and ran it over her hair and brushed it and it was lovely. 

Still, pretty funny.

I just took a quick peek at her body to quell my curiosity and she is designed exactly like Journey Girl and Espari Dolls. In fact, if I hadn't pulled her out of a Kindred Heart box and didn't know better, I'd tell you that's exactly what she was. 

Her back 'mark'.

Her neck mark....

Her flat 'bum'. (LOL Journey Girls and Espari's always have very flat bottoms too)

Her tags...

Not one word to differentiate between her and a Journey Girl or an Espari really... I am going to have to pull out a couple of them from my collection and give a closer look to their tags. I can't recall if they are specifically marked as Journey Girls or Espari Dolls or not? Hmmmm...?

Here's me comparing the two I thought were most similar right after I got them out of the box. Going in I thought they were nearly identical but upon closer inspection, I think the Kindred Heart Paige/Lisa has a more 'mature' looking face and Pamela looks more like a girl, if that makes sense. Both gorgeous but certainly not identical. Right?

There seem to be five dolls in the line... All looking exactly like Journey Girls and Espari dolls... 

They have a line of clothes and accessories too! All, it seems to me, to be about 25% cheaper than the Journey Girls and more than that for Espari Dolls. Interesting! I love a couple of the clothes sets!! 

So... Let me know if you buy a Kindred Heart Doll and which you get and what you think of her!

Have to run! 


  1. Looks pretty neat! Thanks for the review!

    1. My pleasure! I love sharing information about dolls! Yeah for Doll Blogs! :)

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  3. These dolls are adorable! I am definitely considering adding these beautiful girls to my collection. I see that their bodies are similar to JGs then all the more wonderful. That means I do not have to make entirely new patterns for the clothes! Just awesome!!!

  4. Hi! I really want to buy an 18 inch doll but i dont know which brand. I heard that journey girls are thinner so they don't fit in every clothes, newberry looked perfect, but they don't sell them in canada. For this new brand, kindred hearts dolls i was wondering if they fitted in usual american girl doll clothes

    1. Hi there! The dolls are the 'thinner' type much like Journey Girls were. Some of the clothes will fit and some won't (like most of the tops will fit but not all of the pants)... Also some of my 18inch dolls from even the same brands can have thicker or thinner torsos. So, how's that for a non-answer. But it's as accurate as I can get. :)