Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Journey Girl 18inch Doll Collection... So Far...

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!

Welcome to the next installment of the 'My Collection So Far...' posts. This one is focusing on the Journey Girls and Espari Dolls by Lotus. You might have already seen my collection if you caught the YouTube video about them. Still, I don't tell thier names in that so now you can find those out as well.

At the outset of my posting about my collections I was trying to list or show them in the order in which they came home to the Doll House. Well, with this post, I've completely thrown that idea out... Because it's getting harder and harder to remember which came home when without a lot of thought. So I'll try and tell a little bit about when/where they came from if I can recall as I write this post.

Spectrum was found at a Thrift Store and was one of the very first Journey Girl Dolls I ever owned.... Obviously I customized her along the way... I think she's adorable with her rainbow wig.

Portia was also found at a thrift store and I am so glad to have her. I think she looks so pretty in this My Life As Doll Party Planner doll dress. 

Ava came home around Christmas and is named after my daughters best friend in elementary school. 

Susannah is the Doll House resident Baker and Hairstylist as well... Yes, she is just that talented. She was my very first Journey Girl doll, a gift from my husband. She is named after a dear friend...

 Hemalayaa is our resident yoga instructor. 

Chelsea came home last summer when ToysRUs put her on too good a sale to pass up... In my first post about her I mentioned I might name her after a cousin but then one day when I was at church I glanced up at my good friend Chelsea and it just clicked, they are so alike! 

 Gasper was found at a Thrift Store and customized, obviously. She's named after a life long friend of mine and I think she looks just like her...

Cindy came home new and in a fit of 'customizing madness' got her hair totally redone with a totally different wig...

 Carissa came home new to the Doll House. I think she's gorgeous and she's named after my equally (more) gorgeous sister in law in real life.

Karen is part of the two doll set that Ava came with. She is named after my husbands Aunt. 

 Rosanna is named after my second cousin who is pretty just like she is. I can't recall when she joined the Doll House nor can I find a post about it.... Maybe one of my readers will remember? In any case, she's so pretty!

Aliyah is an Espari doll I got as a gift from my husband

Scarlett came home to the Doll House as one of my very first Journey Girls.

 Vanessa came home is my most recent Journey Girl doll.... She was on clearance for only $12.98 and so I had to bring her home! She's named after a gal I go church with who used to do the games in our Awana program. She looks a lot like her and I love the name Vanessa.

A couple of Journey Girls I've customized in the past have gone to live in Korea with my sister friend Frann. Here is a photo of them, below.

So that's it... Holler if you have any questions about details etc. that I've left out. 
Have a great day!


  1. Nice to see such a variety of Journey Girl dolls all together, your dolls are very pretty. I think JG have some of the prettiest face moulds among the lower cost dolls. Here in the UK the choice was much more limited, we don't get Chavonne or Callie at all (and I'd have bought both, especially Callie), and now the UK Toys R Us has gone into administration so it looks likely we won't be able to get them at all in the near future.

    1. Hi Alison! Have you seen the new dolls that are just like Journey Girls on Amazon? They are called Kindred Heart Dolls and are exactly like Journey Girls really. They are also about $10 cheaper. I am not sure if you can purchase from Amazon in UK? But if so maybe that'd be a fun option for different/new dolls. They have a lot of clothes and accessories too... So it'll be a fun line I think. :)


  2. It has been a lot of fun seeing your 'groups' of dolls. You certainly stay busy!

    1. Thanks! It's been fun doing them... Time consuming but fun and now I can probably just add to the bottom of each collection as I add additional dolls. (Because lets get real... I am sure there will be more and/or changes to current ones. Hahaha!)