Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Another eBay Dress And Dolly BDUs For Soldiers!

Greetings Doll Friends!

As you may know if you read this blog regularly, I have been on a bit of an eBay Doll Clothes buying spree lately... Had a bit of a windfall of cash to play with (i.e. Mad money from my husband who likes to spoil me silly) and have so much fun "hunting" good deals on eBay. At the prices I find them for, they are nearly as cheap as UpCycled doll clothes... I figure not every Mom (of daughters who love dolls or of dolls themselves) out there has the time or desire to sew, so I have to think of them too! Right? 

This dress was one of the more recent styles I've seen on eBay lately... They looked really pretty in the eBay photo but you never know...? It's gorgeous isn't it?! Kylee looks like a Hollywood starlet!

This one came packaged a bit differently than all the other eBay dresses I've bought in the past. It came in a flat package (think letter) that opened out like this.

It looks like the dress was originally made for a baby doll! However, it fits like it was made just for 18" dolls so I can see why the seller marketed it to them. Clever! 

As you can see, I got the dress for $1.25 and shoes for $1.27 including shipping and so the whole pretty outfit was only $3.02! Nice!

I got some other shoes and boots in mail that day too... Also got them for great prices. The leg warmers in middle (three pairs) must've been a gift because I didn't order them. Nice!!

I must've really liked these pink boots... I paid a whole $3.50 for them. Haha. They are adorable!

The other thing I've been ordering when I find them cheap is this BDU (Battle Dress Uniform) outfit. I grew up as an Air Force Brat and my husband was Army the first four years we were married... So suffice to say I know a LOT of military people. One of them is my brother Ash. This is him in the BDU outfit I got the other day...
He is with Carissa (my sister in law doll) and she is wearing a white leotard I got for 10cents under her off the shoulder Hello Kitty Tshirt! It works perfectly for that! 

Ash is also wearing one of the pairs of socks I got in this grab bag lot. Cute huh?

I ordered a few of the leotards in different colors. Some I got for like 10cents and some I went up about a $1 for. I got a striped one as well... I think they can work as swim suits too!

Well... That's it for now!
Till next time!

PS aren't they cute? They are just as cute in real life. 

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