Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Journey Girl Doll's Taryn and Chavonne

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!!

Recently at Goodwill I almost passed out when I came across a Journey Girl doll who was completely clothed, including even her shoes! This is extremely rare in the thrifting world... Shoes are generally always the very first thing lost and generally never make it to the thrift store on the doll. So... Score!! I already had the doll, who I thought at the time was Chavonne, at home but am I ever one to be able to not buy a duplicate doll when I find her inexpensively? Um... Nope. So I purchased her and brought her home. On way home I was thinking "Hmm... Maybe I'll make her into a boy doll? Or cut off her hair and re-wig to give second one a totally different look? Or sell on eBay to get money to buy another doll I don't have a duplicate of?"

Here she is, on the left, after she's been all cleaned up. Do you notice anything when you see her next to my other Chavonne doll?? That's right!! She is like a totally different doll! The differences are a bit subtle... I mean I noticed at the store that I really liked this dolls eyes but I liked my other Chavonne's eyes a lot too and so I didn't think much about it... Till I got her home and realized that her skin tone was a deeper brown and her eyes are a totally different color!! So, I cleaned her up and plan to keep her just as she is. I love love love her honestly... Don't tell my older Chavonne doll but, I think I like her better of the two. Her eyes are just striking!

Here is what she looked like when I found her at Goodwill. Isn't her outfit adorable? I love the shoes!! I don't have any brown shoes at all for my Journey Girls so, score! I would've paid $2 just for the pair of shoes! I am currently laundering the outfit because it was a bit dingy but in really good shape!

Interestingly enough, I was able to find this doll on the ToysRUs Website in this outfit!! It says she isn't available though... However, when I started to research it, I found out that when the Journey Girls line was first released at ToysRUs, Chavonne was named Taryn. There is a review of Taryn here from back in 2010. So I suspect that maybe my Goodwill find might be a Taryn doll? I am not sure given that the ToysRUs link above calls her Chavonne in it's description... So, not entirely sure?

Here face had this powdery looking white stuff on it but I was able to clean her up with a Norwex Enviro Cloth with out using any solvents at all... That's always so nice to be able to do. (No I don't sell Norwex but I totally love it.)

See? $1.99!!

I didn't really do too much to her hair because it was honestly in pretty good shape and textured hair is better left alone if in good shape in my opinion. I ran the Norwex cloth over it quite a lot but very gently so as not to mess up her hair-style and curls.

I think she looks nearly new now that she's cleaned up!

Here they are, ready to go to the beach!!

Arent' they gorgeous!! I am so glad I have both of them honestly... 

I think they'll be great friends.

Well, that's all for now Doll Friends!

Till Next Time!

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