Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Garage Sale Finds! Our Generation Horse Equus and Doll Sized Bakers Rack

Hi Doll Friends,

Just have a moment here and so the photo's are going to have to tell most of the story in this post... I went out to a Neighborhood Garage Sale last weekend. I didn't really find all that much doll stuff but what I did find was pretty exciting! 

I got an Our Generation Doll Horse for $2.00!!

Isn't she pretty?

I still need to clean her up and brush her mane etc...

Here are Heather and Frann meeting her for the first time.

They love her and are so excited to have a horse in the Doll House!! I asked the real Frann to name her for me and she came up with the most fabulous name! Her name is Equus! Per Frann "I'd like to name her Equus, which is the car's name. Equus is the most expensive car taht Korean car company, Hyundai, is producing at the moment. I guess I might not be able to buy an Equus, I will give her Equus" as a name. I love it!! Thanks Frann!!!

Here is Frann petting Equus!

Heather decides to try and get in the saddle... Frann lends her a hat to keep the sun out of her eyes way up there!

It's going to be fun to have Equus in the Doll World!! I can't wait to take her outside for some proper photos!!

The same day, at a different Garage Sale, I found this small 'bakers rack' for $1.00, new in the package. I wasn't sure if it was the right 'scale' for dolls... But I think it works well! It looks like it was from Dollar General originally and was only $3.00 new but I've never seen one at the actual store before myself...? I go there all the time because it's the only 'discout' store in my small town so I am not sure if it's from prior year or something? Can't hurt to keep your eyes open there for one though if you happen to stop in. I'll have to set up the kitchen and put it in and see how it looks when it has baskets of produce and baked items on it for the kitchen? I bet it'll be cute. I think I could also use it in 'outside' scenes for gardening too. I love that it folds flat for easy, compact storage. 

Here it is, all set up.

Better run!! 
Have a great day!


  1. Heather! You got Equus. Congraturations.
    You have sharp eyes to find good items for good price. We also have stores like Dollor Gerneral, and I like to go shopping there whenever I have a time see a shop.

    1. Hi Frann!

      Garage Sales and Thrift shops are plentiful here and so it's not too hard to find stuff... The trouble is you end up with your house bursting a the seams with too much! LOL Chat soon!XXOO

  2. Hahaha, house bursting the seams with too much? The more serious problem is that I seem to bust the seam of my skirt with my belly fat.

    1. Ha! That is my problem too!! LOL XOXO