Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The Doll I Left Behind At Walmart

Hi Doll Friends!!

I went to Walmart yesterday and naturally I had to go look at the dolls. There I found a doll that I just loved! She was so pretty!! They were even on sale... However... I practiced restraint! I am realistic enough to know I can't own every doll ever made but... Golly she is pretty. I can't promise she won't ever become a member of the Doll House but for now... She's still at the store waiting to become some other lucky girls doll.

Isn't she pretty!?

Maybe someday. 

As you maybe noticed, I haven't posted much to blog lately... I have been busy but I've also been having technical issues with trying to get drafts to post from Blogger? I literally tried to post the prior post about the thrifty finds for a solid week! So, sorry for the break! It wasn't totaly intentional! Although Summer is always a busy time with having kids off school... 

Hope this finds you and your Dollies staying cool in this heat!!
Till next time!


  1. Oh! Heather, Don't worry about anything. Playing dolls and enjoying blogs is just a hobby, time killing. I totally understand what mother are like, as I am a mother. Kid's vacation doesn't mean mother's vacation, but much more work than school days. I just wished that blog's technical problem would have been fixed soon.
    Anyway, happy to see new postings.
    She is so pretty, but you did good job to restrain yourself from paying for her.

    Aha! so hot there? so, swimming pool was already open. It is not that hot in Korea. Have a good free time.

  2. She is a very pretty doll. However, we can't own them all! Maybe in a little while you will find her at the thrift store for a much lesser cost, and then it will be like you were meant to have her all along!