Monday, June 20, 2016

Girls Road Trip To Home Depot

Hi Doll Friends!!

We took a trip into town on Saturday to go to Home Depot to buy a grill. I decided to take a few Dollies along for the ride! They were so excited to get out and see the countryside!!

Here's Heather...

And Lilly...

And Frann! 

The dolls waited in the Jeep while we went in for the grill we were buying for my wonderful husband for Father's Day. 

Here is Heather showing off the grill after it's all set up on the porch! 

That's it for now friends!
Till Next Time!


  1. Wow! Happy Father's day!
    There are a few days left utill Fourth of July and next day, your wedding ceremony day, guessing that you bought it for them.
    I am also excited for Josh to use grill for you, kids, and your gangs.

    1. He tried it out twice already... Cooked steaks one night and burger last night!