Thursday, June 23, 2016

Espari "Smart Casual" 18Inch Doll Clothes Set!

Hi Doll Friends!

When I bought the Espari clothes set for my Milo doll, it had three items I really wanted. The jeans and jacket were perfect for Milo! The t-shirt was perfect for Dolly Heather!

In "real life" I wear T-shirts nearly every day. In winter I wear a long sleeve thermal under and in summer I wear a tank under and then generally a hoodie or cardigan over the top. Because air conditioning. LOL I am always cold! Many of my Tshirts have a screen printed picture on them. I also, in real life, just got a puppy! The puppy on this Tshirt (wearing a crown no less!) looks a lot like my real puppy... So... Perfect!

In case you missed the blog post about Milo, here is a photo of the set:

I love Espari clothes because they are multi functional. The Tshirt reverses to a striped one for a different look! You just turn it inside out. So clever.

Speaking of... I need to find a dog for the doll house that looks more like our puppy. I have two thrifted Battat dogs but they look like fur balls. I've looked and looked for a dog in right scale for dolls but they all look so much like stuffed animals I haven't been compelled to buy one. 

There is a cat from Queens Treasures that looks just like our family cat Lestat who sadly ran away a year and a half ago or so... I think he is so cute! As of yet I haven't decided to spend the $14.99 on him though. I am sure I will someday cos he is perfect. They have a tabby that is super cute too!

See? Do you have any doll pets that you think are just perfect? Tell me about them in comments!!

Better run for now!
Till next time!

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